Sunday, May 29, 2016

Beach Essentials from Target

We are at the beach with Matt's family this week, soaking up our days in the sun and sand, and loving every minute of "daddy not go to work," as Ryan likes to say.

And since there's a great sale at one of my favorite stores, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite "beachy" items that are worth checking out!

I bought both of these shoes before our trip and LOVE the look, but might love how comfortable they are even more. I'm a comfort over fashion kind of gal, so when I can find something comfy that also happens to be cute, I'm sold.

found here (also in gold and black)
found here (also in white, teal and black)

Cover Ups:
How cute are these beach cover ups?! My days on the beach look a little different with two babies than they did pre-kids, so I am more likely to search for shells or chase sand crabs in a cover up than lounge in a chair in just a bikini.

found here

found here

I'm kind of digging the fuller coverage tops this year. Yes, I just gave birth three months ago, but I'm thinking that I may just stick with this style even after my stomach is back in place and my linea nigra disappears (any day now is great with me). Aren't these so cute?!
found here

found here

And IF I planned to rock the 2-piece look this summer, this is the suit I would go for. Love how the top makes sure things stay in place- perfect for chasing a toddler around in the sand. ;)
found here

Once I hit my late 20s, and then especially once I was pregnant and nursing babies, my face couldn't decide which shade of brown it wanted to tan, or if it should color my whole face or just certain sections of it- thank you hormones. So after years of loving a sun-kissed glow on my face, I pretty much avoid getting sun all together. I use a 50+ sunscreen and wear hats whenever I'm going to spend extended time in the sun. I currently rotate out baseball caps, but plan to up my fashion game with one of these this summer ;)
found here
found here

Beach/Pool Tote:
I love the size, sections, and look of this bag- such a cute and functional accessory for summer!

found here

Kids clothes, shoes, and accessories are on sale too, and now having a boy and a girl to shop for means I could do some damage in the cute kids' sections at Target. 

I'll be checking out the toddler boys' items here

and the baby girl cuteness here.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, friends!