Sunday, December 7, 2014

4 Months!

Well there's a good chance I'm going to say this every month in these early stages, but these last 4+ weeks have been so fun! Ryan has changed so much it's really hard to believe. It's like he went from being an infant who lays and stares and grins on occasion, to a baby who smiles nonstop and talks and coos and grabs things and is really just a little human! haha... yes, he has technically been a little human since day one I suppose, but he acts more like one now. ;)

The biggest changes have been the way he expresses his emotions. He gets the biggest grin on his face when we go to get him from his crib in the mornings and smiles at Matt when he walks in the door at night. He makes all kinds of sounds that he's quite proud of and sometimes seems surprised by his own noises.

He also lets us know when he does not like something now, or is ready for a change of scene, or a nap, or a new toy, or when he's frustrated that the toy he's holding won't fit completely in his mouth.

It's the cutest/saddest thing to watch him burst into tears when he gets upset. Like when he's tired and trying to get a toy or lovey to stay in his mouth and doesn't realize that it's his own hand pulling it away. Poor guy! It's hard not to laugh... so we do.

He's also been shifting quite rapidly from smiles to frowns and coos to cries these last couple of weeks. It's almost like he's not quite sure how to handle his emotions. I mean can you imagine learning EVERYTHING for the first time?! I'd probably laugh and cry at the drop of a hat too!

It's been so neat to watch him really see some things for the first time. He's really starting to notice Tally and smile at him when he walks by. And when we walk around the house with him facing out, his little head bobs and turns and his eyes get so big as he tries to take it all in.

The wonder of everything has also lengthened his wake time and has caused him to shift into more of a little boy nap routine where he takes one longer nap and a couple of cat naps throughout the day. His longer wake time has also stretched out his feed times as well to where he does at least one 4 hour stretch (sometimes 2) during the day. It is seriously amazing how much more we can get done in a day when he spreads out his meals! He's still waking up once in the night after a 7-9 hour stretch, but even though I'm tired and know that he probably could go longer, I'm not really interested in making him do it. I know one morning I'll wake up and realize he slept through the night and a part of me will be really sad that those sweet middle of the night times are over.

I think it's so funny that he sleeps like this... well funny now, it used to scare me! He moves his head so much when he's sleeping, but a lot of times he starts out like this. Sweet buddy. :)

And speaking of getting things done, I am happy to say that our little guy's love-hate relationship with his car seat has drastically shifted to the love side. And I'm embarrassed to say that I'm 99.9% sure it's because we took out the infant inserts that are apparently intended for use through 10 pounds (which Ryan weighed when he was 2 weeks old... oops!). The poor guy was like a stuffed sausage in that seat with those things in! I think it also helps that he can grab toys now and smiles at himself in the car mirror to pass the time. But I tell you what, putting him in his seat to fall asleep when he's so tired and having it actually happen in less than 2 minutes with minimal swaying? Unbelievable. Life changing even. Seriously, my arms are not missing that workout.

Looking at the difference between these pictures (the ones above are from the middle of the month and the one below is the end of the month) makes me realize how much he has grown this month. I feel like it's too soon for him to be losing that little baby face!

First time in his car seat without the infant inserts

In the last week or so he's started pulling our fingers to his mouth and sucking on them, which is just so cute.

We've been working hard for a laugh but can't yet get passed the initial sound that has a great big smile with it. It feels like it's so darn close though so we wear ourselves out trying to get it out of him: peek-a-boo, blowing on his belly, "where's Mommy/Daddy" game on the changing table... We know we'll hear it soon, and then we'll really wear ourselves out to keep it going!

When I'm wondering if he's ready for a nap, I do what I've come to call "the mirror test." We walk in front of the mirror and if he smiles and talks to himself, he's still good to go, if he cries, he's ready to go down. But boy when he's smiling at himself, it just melts my heart! And actually the crying is pretty funny too. It's like he's just spent... like he can't bare to even be happy with his friend in the mirror who always makes him smile.

Another thing we've noticed this month is the way he now pushes up with his feet when he's laying on his back. This happens a lot of times in the tub before he settles in. Which, speaking of the tub, we're both living in the denial that he's totally outgrown the sink tub. Like probably at least a month ago outgrew it. But when he folds his little legs and sucks on his fingers he fits just right, so we're pretending like he's not too big for it quite yet. :)

Also when it's time to eat, he has started making faces with his mouth like he's getting ready for what's coming, and when Matt gives him the evening bottle, he holds his arms up to reach for it and then holds onto it as Matt feeds it to him.

He's changed so much this month and it's so fun to watch him explore and discover so many new things in his world. He's growing up so fast! Here are a few other pictures from this month:


We love when Nonna visits!

1st Halloween:
(more pictures here)

First Clemson Trip!
(more pictures here)

Hangin' with Papa:

Love this picture of Jackson squeezing Ryan!

Fun times with Mimi and Papa:


Showing off his new jacket :)

Fun with his cousin Jackson :)

Studying his daddy's face while we wait to visit Riley in the hospital

First Craft!

Sweet time with daddy :)

First time in the jumperoo and rocking seat:

That picture on the left cracks me up- he figured out how to lean back and relax when he was ready for his nap!

First Thanksgiving!

First visit with Santa!
(more pictures here)



  1. Oh my gosh, so many comments I have on this post! I'll text most of them to you, but what a great month! And I TOTALLY get the infant to actual baby transition...y'all are in such a fun stage now!!!

  2. Great update! I remember those first smiles. So sweet!

    Declan says "Good Morning" now when we get him from his crib. It's pretty awesome! I just love watching the stages and how they change and grow! Such a privilege, being a mommy! :)