Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas in Monroe

Every year, my mom and stepdad host Christmas at their house one weekend in December so that all of the family can celebrate together and still have their own family celebrations on the actual day of Christmas. It's so nice that they plan this every year because otherwise, we'd most likely go the entire holiday season without seeing each other. This time of year just gets too busy!

My mom always decorates the house so nicely and prepares the most delicious meal. And this year, it was extra fun getting to have Ryan there with us to join in on the fun!

It's a tradition for all of the grandkids to start their visit dancing with Nonna and Papa by the dancing Santa. Ryan was pretty enthralled and even kicked his legs a bit once he got the rhythm. ;)
Mom had this piece of art made with all of the grandkids names on the presents. So cute!
Love my mom- she works so hard to make the place settings look festive and even wraps a gift for each couple.
Our pictures with Santa through the years...
me at 3 months...
and 15 months... makes me wonder what Ryan's will look like next year!
Believe it or not, I helped my mom make these nutcrackers out of potters when we were little. That may have been my first successful craft. And my next one was probably Ryan's turkey footprint we made for Thanksgiving this year. ;)
Aunt Gretchen!
Sweet cousins
Noah took this picture of Ryan. Love how much he loves him :)
Our 4 month old in a 9 month outfit. Slow down, time!
(Ryan checking out the Santa again) :)
Noah asked if he could show me how many pull-up he could do. He did SIX! Love that buddy :)
My step-brother, Brian. haha- fantastic
Noah with the last-minute thumbs-up. He is my nephew. ;)
Loved these shots of the boys talkin football. ;)
Gift exchange time!
Noah drew Ryan's name and got him the cutest toys!



  1. Love how festive your mom is! I'm also glad that ArkArk is still around and making it into pictures! And thumbs up from Noah definitely = Hea.

  2. Love it!! Love your mom! She knows how to throw a party! And can I hire Noah?

  3. We had our family Christmas this past weekend too. I love it so much!
    Your mom did an amazing job with the decor
    You have a beautiful family :)

  4. Love all your pics and your mom and Charles are just the sweetest! You look so much like your sis with your new haircut :)

  5. Your mom rocks! She really has a gift! I loved the pictures of Ryan and the Santa. Too cute!

  6. Lovely photos! I love the picture your Mum has with the grandchildren's names , I must look for something like that in the UK, my Mum would love it! A x