Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Day Part 2

For part one, click here.

We spent the afternoon of Christmas Day at my sister's house eating lots of yummy appetizers and playing with all of the boys' new toys. And I had fun putting my new toy (the portrait lens Matt got me) to good use:

Noah was holding this lego gun and Ryan took it right out of his hands! Maddox clearly thought it was hysterical!
Noah wanted to teach Ryan how to race the cars. ;)
We got Noah a "watch like his dad's" just like he wanted. Love that boy!
A metal detector and a bow and arrow. What more could you ask for?!
Jeremy and I were sporting the his and hers J Crew flannels ;)

Later that evening, we headed back to Matt's parents' house for dinner with his mom's whole side of the family. When we arrived, there was a dance party going on. :)
Sweet Jen let Ryan chomp on her fingers.
Love him. He cleaned for at least half an hour after dinner.
Hate that this one is blurry... I've gotta practice with my new lens!
Ryan with Muggy and Papa- he's a lucky boy to have two sets of sweet great grandparents!
So "Jackson" picked out this amazing flying squirrel pajama set for Karen. I think Jay is pretty pumped about having a toddler to pawn off his gift giving ideas on. ;)
Love K girl- she's such a great sport!

The following morning, we went over for breakfast and some cousin photos, and then went back to our house for lunch, games, and a walk with my family! We had so much fun bouncing back and forth between both of our families. It really worked out so well!

These two are four months apart. That's it. Love that teeny Riley girl! 


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