Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Last Week's Meals

Christmas is 8 days away! That means one week from tonight will be Christmas Eve! (in case you needed help with that math) I can't wait to wake up Christmas morning and celebrate with our little family and then go to visit our parents and siblings that day. Can.not.wait!

Here's a look at 4 meals me ate last week:

I shared this recipe yesterday. It came out of a mistake at the grocery store and turned into one of our new favorite meals! I think I may make this the next time we have guests over for dinner since stuffed chicken looks like a fancy dish (and is really so easy to make!). ;)

Tuesday night, we celebrated Matt's birthday at his sister's house and got some sweet time with this little angel! She is doing so well! And here she is sporting her first pair of skinny jeans gifted to her from yours truly. ;)

This recipe gets repeated a lot this time of year. And it never disappoints. This has been my go-to meal for new mamas this Fall along with a tray of corn bread. It makes so much that I can divide it in half and still have enough for a meal for us one night, and then my left over version the next night...

I might enjoy the leftovers even more than the first night's meal. It's a toss up. This time, I needed a little more sauce and substance for the amount of pasta I cooked, so I mixed together chicken stock, a can of rotel, a can of fire roasted tomatoes, and brown sugar and added it to the mix. It was really tasty!

And another new favorite dish. I'm not sure if this is embarrassing or impressive, but there are no leftovers when I make this dish. We're scraping the bottom on the crock pot for every last drop until it's gone. It's just SO good and SO easy!

Saturday night, we celebrated Christmas in Monroe!

Sunday night, we had dinner at Kemble and Ashley's and our little men interacted for the first time since Ryan was born. They are one year apart so it's crazy to think that Ryan will be that big in a year! They have met a few times before, but this was the first time that Ryan really noticed Henry. ;) He got really excited and did his velociraptor squeals and scared poor Henry! Sweet buddy.


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