Friday, December 5, 2014

#nelsendays2014 week 48: Riley girl comes home!

It's hard to believe we're weeks away from the end of the year!

Tomorrow is Matt's 30th birthday, so tonight my parents are watching Ryan while the two of us go to dinner and a movie. We're going to eat at Matt's favorite restaurant in Atlanta- Chops, and then go see the Hunger Games movie. I'm looking forward to a whole date night with him!

Here's a look at what we've been up to this week:

Day 330: Ryan's first visit with Santa!

Day 331: For Thanksgiving this year, we all got together at Matt's parents' house and my parents, Jay's parents (my brother-in-law) joined in on the fun! It was really nice to have our three families together for the holiday. We missed sweet Riley girl, but tried our best to count our blessings that she was doing so well and would be home soon!

Day 332: The next morning, we ventured out to walk off the delicious meal from the day before, and it was SO cold! It was a perfect excuse to whip out Ryan's super cute winter hat that my mom got for him. ;)

Day 333: Game day in our house requires a wardrobe change. ;) So we started  out in our Clemson orange and switched into our Florida State garnet and gold mid-day. Thankfully both teams pulled out a win! 
Day 334: Picking out our first tree as a family of three! Ryan sported his Christmas pjs from Target that I'm pretty crazy about. They're so cute and snuggly and they're buy one, get one 50% off right now!

Day 335: This day was just hilarious. My friend Laura came over for a play date that turned into a cry date almost from the start. Thankfully she is the sweetest friend ever and the two of us just laughed at how different our dates have become. We used to meet at Starbucks and chat for hours about life while we sipped our afternoon coffees. This day we started and stopped a million different conversations that were never completed, but you know what, we wouldn't trade it for those Starbucks days. Life might be crazier now, but it's a whole lot sweeter. Although I do think a kid-free catch-up date is in our near future... or at least a coordinated nap time one. ;)

Day 336: This beautiful girl came HOME!!! My sweet precious niece, Riley Kathryn McGinnity, beat the two week NICU window they gave her and came home when she was 13 days old. She does not even look like a premie. She is growing so fast and is the sweetest little angel!

Matt, Ryan, and I went to Karen's house for Riley's coming home party and got to love on her for a couple of hours!

We are so thankful for her! And even more thankful she's HOME!


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