Friday, December 12, 2014

#nelsendays2014 week 49

Only a few more weeks until the end of the year! I can hardly believe it! This time of year is even more fun with a little one. I'm thinking about Christmas in a totally new way and can't wait to celebrate old traditions and create new one as a family of three. I get excited just thinking about it!

This weekend, we're heading to my mom's to celebrate Christmas with my side of the family. She always prepares the best meal and has the house decorated so nicely. We can't wait!

Here's a look at what we've been up to this week!

Day 337: 4 month checkup!

Day 338: Sweet Tal got a much needed bath and blow dry after Ryan went down one night. This pup cracks us up... he loves the hair dryer part of the bath and moves around every few minutes while we're drying him so that we can get each side. He might not get quite as much attention as he once did, but he's still a pretty spoiled pup. 

Day 339: Dinner date at Chop's for Matt's birthday! We went to see the Hunger Games movie after dinner and I napped off and on while we were there. Those lazy-boy seats at the theater by us are just too comfortable, and this mama was just too tired! I honestly didn't feel like I missed that much though. Feel like the third movie was like the third book- not really as interesting as the first two in my opinion. But it was fun to get away just the two of us for the night! ...even if I did sleep through part of it ;)

Day 340: Saturday was Matt's actual birthday and he got to spend it in Charlotte for the ACC Championship where he and his dad met FSU's head coach, Jimbo Fisher. Pretty cool thing to have happen on your birthday!

Day 341: Then next day after Matt got home, I was holding Ryan and then Matt and Tally came to lay down on me too. So I had all three of my boys piled on top of me in our bed. Love these three so.

While we were decorating the tree Sunday night, Matt found this ornament with my baby picture in it and we both died at how much Ryan looks like me as a baby. Neither one of us have gone through our early baby pictures yet to compare Ryan's features to ours, so this was pretty crazy to see! I guess he is my little mini me- at least for now anyway! 

Day 342: I still can't believe we got all 5 of our kids to sit on the couch for this picture. If you remember the last time we all got together for a play date (aka mom's attempted hangout time), this is what our "group photo" looked like:

Day 343: I got to have a lunch date with my little drooly man who cut his first tooth on Monday of this week! I love going places with him even more now that he has a little personality. It feels like we're hanging out together instead of me running errands with a sleeping babe along for the ride.

Hope you all are enjoying this December! Have a great weekend!



  1. Oh my goodness, Ryan is your double, I love it when I find photos where the kids look like me :)

  2. I love that you do this every week.. Such a good record of your life! Ryan is precious, and I'm jealous you live so close to your college girlfriends! The matching pjs kill me!