Friday, January 8, 2016

Life Lately

First I want to give a big thank you to those of you who have already taken time to fill out yesterday's reader survey. Your feedback and sweet words mean so much- thank you!! After the post went live, sweet Elizabeth turned the survey into a Google form for me so that it would be easier for y'all to fill out without scrolling through the questions while you typed your answers. So I'm sorry (and extra appreciative!) if you responded before I updated it with that option! Gotta love my tech-savvy blog partner for keeping me current. ;)

As I mentioned in Ryan's 17 month post, these days of watching him learn new things and try new words have been so fun. We're really soaking in the time with him before he becomes a big brother and loving our little adventures with just him!

Here's a look at the simple start to our January. I love sweet, simple days without plans. I know these are the days I will look back on and miss.

Sweet buddy was laying on his belly reading his book before bed and then fell fast asleep right on top of it. Love this little guy and his love of books!

Ryan loves to snuggle next to Tally on his bed. :)

Visiting daddy (and the velvet hammer, haha) at work

Pizza night with Mimi and Papa!

These two love snuggling up with their daddy :)

Mall trip! The mall is one of Ryan's favorite places- and not because he loves to shop, haha, but because he loves walking around, looking in the stores, smelling the flowers, climbing up on the seats, and waving at other people sitting down near him. Our mall trips aren't exactly productive, but they sure are fun!

Ryan had a request to read to his "Mee-key" and "Tal Tal" in the rocking chair in his room. He was very specific with what he wanted the reading time to look like and was quite excited when he was in position to read to his friends. ;)

Saturday was filled with some afternoon errands before dinner. This sweet lady at the pro shop let Ryan play with the racquets as she was restringing them.

And then we stopped by REI for a few things and this mannequin inspired Ryan to drop down and do some of his dad's workouts... haha he makes me laugh.

Heh-whoa? After his workout, he found a security tag on a jacket that made a perfect-sized phone.

Then we hit up Outback for a free blooming onion thanks to their Outback Bowl promotion!

Ryan was a big fan on the onion and the kids mac & cheese. I have to agree- Outback's kid's mac & cheese is legit. So glad I finally have a kid to justify my ordering it. ;)

Target run with my buddy! Sweet boo.

While I was nesting in his sister's room, Ryan got out a few of her books and hoisted himself up on her rocking chair to read them. More pictures of her room coming later this month!

When we picked Tally up from his day care, Ryan wanted to show Tal Tal his truck book and kept saying, "Tal Tal, yook. Truck." and kept trying to reach for Tally's head for him to follow along. Tal hasn't quite mastered this trick yet. ;)

While I was finishing up dinner, I asked Ryan if he could help set the table by bringing the napkins to the table. Little did I know my "setting the table" talk would inspire our entire tupperware drawer being transferred from the drawer to the kitchen table, haha. This probably lasted a good ten minutes as he walked back and forth from the drawer to the table while I finished up our meal. Love this little guy and his plans!

While we were sitting at a red light, Ryan started waving bye-bye and I decided to record him doing it. That turned into a little conversation that included him saying a word that was meant to be shirt (I realized after the fact) but sounded much like a different word, and an "I love you" finish that made me melt. :)

This boy has been loving some laundry basket boat rides thanks to his daddy!

And another favorite, knocking him over :)

Sometimes we look at him sleeping and just wish we could climb right in a snuggle with him. That little booty up in the air with his arms by his side! Love.



  1. Tal Tal has to be the most patient dog, haha. He's a good big brother.

    1. Haha yes! Whenever I get frustrated with him for still having his puppy moments, this is what I remind myself of ;)

  2. My son is the same way! He loves to lay next to/on Sophie's bed and he has to give her hugs and kisses every night before bed.

    1. So sweet! There's just something about a boy and his dog, right?!

  3. I am so behind on blog reading, but I had to say I'm so glad to see you got baby girl her own rocker in her room!! When we were getting ready for Ben I went back and forth about buying a new one (especially because they would eventually share a room) and it became like a whole THING. I didn't want to take Canon's from his room, but I wasn't sure we would actually need two...I was highly emotional about it. Anyway, we ended up buying another and I'm so glad we did! Can't wait for you to be sitting in it actually holding her!