Friday, January 22, 2016

Favorite Finds: Maternity Edition

My friend Katie suggested on a recent post that I write about my favorite maternity finds.

I told her I would be happy to once I made sure the list would include more than over-sized sweats and yoga pants. Because let's be honest, when it's winter and your belly gets big enough that it's bumping into things, the husband's lounge clothes start looking a lot more appealing than the cute ones that fit your pregnant frame. 

But once I got to making my list of favorite things from this pregnancy, I realized there were in fact some great things worth sharing with you guys!

So here goes:

Let me be upfront and say that thanks to really great friends and a super sweet sis-in-law, I have not had to buy much AT ALL for this pregnancy. The three pairs of jeans I wear the most were handed down or bought for me as a gift. HOWEVER, if I was spending my own money on a maternity wardrobe for the Fall/Winter months, this is where the bulk of my money would go.

My three favorite brands are Gap, J. Crew, and Joe Jeans (listed above as "A Pea in the Pod). Find the fit that's most comfortable for you and then search for a deal online (like these Joe's that are on sale for $119). I know $100+ on jeans that you'll wear for 6-8 months sounds absurd, but you can't put a price on comfort and what I like to call "the I-feel-cute factor" during pregnancy. Honestly- it's real easy to not feel cute when you're carrying around an extra 20+ pounds (30 in my case).

I love the J. Crew ones (and LOVE that sale price!) because the maternity band is built into the waist so they look like real jeans but still grow with your belly.

The Gap pair fit really well and even at their full price are really affordable for the overall fit and feel. You can definitely find cheaper, but I haven't found a cheaper pair that don't sag or just feel uncomfortable.

My last note on jeans is that I like to have a pair that is light wash, one that is medium wash, and one that is dark wash- covers the bases and means you don't have to keep the same pair clean constantly.

Target- BeMaternity by Ingrid and Isabel Seamless Cami
I LOVE this cami. When I'm pregnant, I cannot stand having extra material on my skin, so tank tops that have the shelf lining are a no-go for me. This one is so soft, so long, and comes in 6 different colors. Thanks to this tank top, I have completely foregone the Bellabands this pregnancy.

Gap Pure Body Solid Crew Tee
This shirt is SO comfortable. I have it in white, black, and gray and wear them all.the.time. Aside from the softness, I love the length and fit around my neck and armpits. It is the perfect go-with-anything maternity shirt.
I would say I'm always a comfort-over-fashion person, but this is even more true when I'm pregnant. I want to feel cute, but am not about to compromise my comfort for it. So one of my favorite "looks" for this pregnancy has been the shirts I mentioned above with a cute scarf over top. These four scarves below are all an EXTRA 50% off right now! You can check out the rest of their extra 50% off accessories sale here.
Gap Lightweight Modal Leggings
I have three pairs of these leggings (two black and one dark gray) and pretty much LIVE in them. They're great for lounging around the house, or dressing up with boots and a dress or a long tunic (tunic? I'm going for longer than a shirt but not quite a dress when I use that word... again, fashion is not really my strength). The black ones are on sale for $22.46 right now. Trust me when I say they are the most comfortable pants you will wear when you're pregnant. And they don't sag!

And one note about shirts/dresses- for me personally, fitted clothes that wrap around my entire belly are way more flattering than ones that fits at the top of my belly and then hang. I'm talking it can take me from looking like I'm 24 weeks pregnant to a good two weeks past my due date. So I try to avoid clothes that hang during pregnancy.

When it comes to shoes, I absolutely choose comfort over fashion and love when I can find a pair that are cute and comfortable. I tend to buy my shoes at Marshalls or ask for them for my birthday/Christmas if there's a pricier pair I'm eyeing. The top three pairs are my more fashionable but comfortable (read- worth the money) shoes and the bottom are my staples- a pair of beige suede flats, a pair of gray flats, and a pair of comfy house slippers. And if you've never tried Rocket Dog shoes, they are so comfortable and inexpensive and are always between $10-$20 at Marshalls! And for those of you who mentioned wanting those Toms in my earlier post- that sale price is GREAT! (They come in black and gray for that price/style- found here)

Other Random Favorites
Prenatal Gummy Vitamins
I am a child and do not like swallowing pills (nor do I like the after taste of the "big girl" prenatal horse pills), so I buy these off of Amazon and actually look forward to taking them everyday.

Camelbak Insulated Water Bottle
I drink SO much more water out of this thing than I do a regular water bottle. I honestly don't know why but it's part of what they promise about the product and it's really true (for me anyways). I love this water bottle.
Rolaids Chewable Tablets
I've had heartburn with both of my pregnancies and love these chewables the best to help get rid of the pain quickly. Plus the flavor is yummy. :)

Lastly, I've been taking Juice Plus+ for a few months now (the gummy version of course) and love knowing that I'm getting my full daily dose of fruits and veggies for myself and for this baby girl. I love the taste too! If you're interested in learning more about Juice Plus+, click here. You can also contact my Juice Plus+ rep with any of your questions here.

Have a great weekend!!!



  1. You such a cute prego! :) ...but is that the same Rolaids as the one in your purse?!?!? :) :) :)

  2. so helpful, heather! :) i'm reading your blog as my kids are eating lunch in the classroom (yes... it's only 9:30) because we have a 1/2 day. thinking about you.. february will be here SO SOON!!

  3. I'm with you on the form-fitting clothes...on my petite frame, ANY extra material makes me look 50 weeks pregnant. holy cow. love these suggestions!

  4. I still wear the Target cami, and George is about to be 18 months old. They are the perfect camis! My SIL swears by the Juice+ capsules.