Thursday, January 14, 2016

Results from the reader poll + a WINNER!

First of all, you guys gave the sweetest feedback in last week's reader poll! I didn't intend for this little exercise to be an encouraging one, but it really was! And the ideas/constructive feedback you gave were so helpful and great for me to hear as well. So thank you!!!

Twenty of you chose to use the awesome survey that E set up for me, and ten of you shared your responses in comments. I was really happy that 30 of you took time to share your thoughts- so thank you for the feedback!

Here's a quick recap of your responses:

How did you find this blog & how do you keep up with it?
Your responses:
The most common responses were through a friend, another blog (a number of you came here through E which I love!), Pinterest, Google-searching a recipe, or through Instagram. Most of you keep up with the blog through Bloglovin', Instagram, or bookmarking and refreshing the page on your phones. 

What do you like most about this blog?
Your responses:
Travel pictures, day-to-day life, recipes, house ideas (renovations, updates, etc.), favorite finds, honesty, variety of posts and your ability to relate to them, seeing how other moms manage life, personal stories, confessions, and one of you said you live in our same general area and like seeing what we do in the area.

My Takeaway:
That y'all are the sweetest readers ever! My intention behind asking this question was to find out what the most popular topics are, but y'all were pretty clear that you like just about everything I put on here, which was not what I expected to hear. And not only that, you were so sweet with things you said about me and our family. Just sweet, sweet people you are. :)

What don't you like about this blog?
Your responses:
* Posts are sometimes long and can include too many pictures.
* The recipes tab is overwhelming and requires a lot of scrolling to find what you're looking for.
* "More recipes - I feel like we haven't seen as many lately" (I definitely went on a recipe-posting hiatus, but I'm back, and I'm glad you love them!) ;)
* This one cracked me up: "Your son is adorable, and I'm sure people that actually know him like the monthly update posts, but I skip those because they are very long and detailed" (Hahah, true! They are really long and detailed. A couple of you mentioned that these and our family recap posts from holidays are lengthy and picture heavy. I can't say that anything will change with the monthly update posts, as this little online space also serves as my babies' baby books, but I liked the feedback in general on keeping the posts shorter when I can!)
* "I love hearing about your little family and trips you take, but I tend to be less interested in the posts that are about your extended family and friends."
* "I like mostly everything, but I rarely watch the videos you post."

My Takeaway:
* Outside of my "baby book" posts, be more aware of the length of my posts an the number of pictures I include.
* I have a message into my blog designer to help me organize the recipes tab to make it more user friendly. This has been bugging me for a while too!
* I post the videos for family to see, and agree- I rarely watch videos on other people's blogs unless they're close friends! These fall into the "family/baby book category," but I'll be more aware of the number of videos I share.

What do you want to see more/less of?
Your Responses:
* The highest responses for MORE were: Favorite finds, parenting, personal stories, and recipes.
* The highest responses for LESS were: Giveaways and deals
* One person said they'd like to see more crafts and I about laughed out loud. You'll have to go somewhere else for crafts. Recipes take all of my creative energy. ;)

My Takeaway:
* The things I like to write about the most are what y'all like to read about the most- woohoo!
* Favorite finds would be fun to incorporate more than once/month.
* Giveaways and deals don't need their own posts- I can work them in to other mosts that are more fun to write/read.

Again, thank y'all SO much for being so honest, constructive, and just plain SWEET! 

Now, let's find out who won the giveaway!

Lisa Brown, congratulations! You are the winner!

Email me or leave a comment below and let me know which gift card you would like: Starbucks, Target, or Amazon!

I'll see you all back tomorrow for Elizabeth's and my Mid-Month Confessions posts!



  1. You got some great feedback! I am excited to see what you implement!

  2. I forgot to take the survey...oops! But I've been reading your blog for a couple years now and love it! That was great feedback, but I always laugh when people respond with "I don't like reading monthly updates on your children." I get it, but like you said, blogs are baby books of sort, so if you don't like it, don't read it!

  3. I sent you an email confirming the card choice, I hope you received it. If not, I can respond again. I wanted the amazon card. Thank you :)

    1. So strange, I never got it! I just sent you the Amazon e-card though, so let me know if you got it!! Congrats again!

  4. Camille of a sorta fairtale and I host a weekly Friday Finds and Favorites blog hop. Feel free to join us anytime. (No rules!) :)