Friday, January 15, 2016

January's Mid-Month Confessions

Happy Friday, friends!

This weekend, my girlfriends are throwing me a little Baby Sprinkle and we're tying in a little college roommates reunion weekend while we're all in town together. I can't wait to get this weekend started!

Elizabeth and I love sharing these confessions with y'all each month. It keeps us feeling light-hearted and sane about our non-ON moments from the month. We're glad you guys like reading them and hope they make you feel a little better about your own less-than-stellar moments. We've decided to cut out the link-up, but we'd love to still hear your confessions in the comments below if you want to share! 

So here goes:

During Ryan's nap yesterday, I decided I would paint my nails in an attempt to step it up a notch for my shower this weekend. I used to have my nails painted all the time, but apparently it has been a loooong time since I've done them or had them done because when I went to get Ryan out of his crib, he kept saying, "nails" and pointing and laughing. Like, "Mom, what IS that on your fingers?!"

Matt was reading this article about this past year's Savannah Marathon (this is the same one he ran 3 years ago) which apparently had to be cancelled halfway through due to temperatures and conditions. He was saying how much it would stink to train for that long and then be forced to quit halfway through, and the whole time he was talking about this major "dilemma" for the racers, I was thinking, "Now THAT would be my kind of race!" haha #perspective 
A marathon will never be on my bucket list.

I was the mom who said I wasn't going to attempt potty training until 3. My pediatrician, who I love, spoke at our MOPs meeting one week and said that you can potty train at 2 and they'll get it by 3, or you can potty train at 3 and they'll get it right away. That philosophy sounded good to me- no need to force things and create unnecessary stress for anybody.

Well, wouldn't you know at 15 months, my little over-achiever of a son started telling us he wanted to "poo-poo potty" and would actually go when we put him on there. And y'all, while I was of course so proud of him and gave him big high fives every time he went, I was NOT excited about his over-eager interest in the potty! This momma does not want to be squatting in front of public toilets with a big ole belly, avoiding getting sprayed in the face by my little man as he proudly tinkles on the potty (best case scenario). Not to mention attempting this little process with a newborn in tow in the upcoming weeks.

Well, after about 8ish weeks of this interest and potty success, I feel bad admitting this, but I am happy to say he has cooled a bit on the potty training. He'll still tell us when he's going and we'll ask if he wants to do it on the potty and take him in there to offer the option, but he's just as happy going in his diaper... and I'm kind of relieved. Am I awful?!!

One day, Ryan and I were walking outside to do one of his favorite jobs, which is pointing out where Tally's poo poo is in the backyard so that I can pick it up. (sorry for the back-to-back poo poo confessions, hah). As we were walking to the yard, I realized he would need a heavier jacket than what I had put on him. So I told him I was going to run in real quick and grab him a coat. Mind you, this was at least week 3 of the picking-up-poop routine and never once had he done anything more than point from a distance at where poop was located. So I ran in to grab his heavier coat and was back outside in maaaybe 10 seconds. 

As I'm walking out to the yard, I see him squatting over something and I think, "Oh. no." Then he stands, holds both hands up in the air, and proudly announces, "Mommy! POO POO!"

In a matter of seconds, he had found the first poo poo and decided to dig his hands, finger nails and all, inside. Ewwww! #momfail #allthesoapanddisinfectingwipesIcouldfind

Okay y'all, I'll leave you with that- as I've either made you feel a lot better about yourselves or made you majorly question my mom skills... or both. ;) 

Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. I consider it a win that he didn't eat it ;-)

  2. Meaning he knew better... Thought I should clarify!

    1. Hahah PTL!! Guess that would have been my first call to poison control and a MAJOR #momfail moment!

  3. HA! I totally hear you on the potty training! My son turns three in May, so I was planning to wait until this summer. But he had other ideas and forced our hand when he removed all diapers from his room and flat our refuses to wear them. WAH! In his defense, he's doing well. But there are accidents (and reminders I have to give!). Needless to say, my washing machine is spinning all the live long day!

    1. Oh sweet guy! Why can't they just stay little?! And I am so glad I'm not the only one wanting to slow down the potty training days!!

  4. How cool he showed interest on his own for potty training! But the image you put in my head trying to help the little guy in public made me bust up! Your little man is getting quite curios! How fun, haha.

    1. Oh yes... if it was appropriate, I would take a picture of the awkwardness of a very pregnant person squatting in front of a public potty balancing her 30lb son over the toilet so he doesn't fall in while making sure he stays "pointed down" to avoid getting sprayed in the face. ;) I laugh to keep myself sane in those moments!

  5. I wish someone would have given me that potty training advice! I was super stressed about it but finally just decided to let it happen and that's when it did. It's been so long that I honestly can't remember exactly when he was potty trained but it definitely feels better when you just let it happen naturally :)

    p.s. congrats on the pregnancy!

  6. Omg! Ryan grabbing the dog poo is too funny. He sounded so proud of his findings!!!
    Love it...

  7. I'm with you on waiting to potty train!