Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Ten on the 10th: Favorite Toys & Books at 7 Months

Today's post is all about our favorite books and toys. Or I guess Ryan's favorite books and toys. I'm learning that 7 months comes with opinions about what he likes the most... and he'll let me know with his grunts and reaching hands! So here are his favorites right now. And I'd love to hear from y'all on what your kiddos' favorite toys were/are at this stage. Especially the ones that aren't big and plastic-y ;)


Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Car

I wrote about this car in my February's Favorite Finds post, but it needs to make this list too! Ryan LOVES this car. He has so much fun with it that I almost completely forget that it's a big piece of plastic taking up a fraction of our living room. Almost. ;) You can check it out here!

This has been the best play mat. Ryan started using in within the first month, starring up at the mirror and kicking the piano keys with his feet. Now, he loves sitting up and banging the piano keys. I love a toy that lasts for more than one stage. I'm so glad my sis-in-law told us about this play mat!


Playskool Learnimals Count with Me Giraffalaff Toy

My mom got Ryan this Playskool Giraffe a few months ago. The little shapes on the neck light up and it sings a counting song when you spin the center circle. It also counts as each colored ring is moved from one side to the other. There is an English and Spanish setting. I realized this when I accidentally turned it on the Spanish setting, which was kind of startling and hilarious... but very cool that it sings and counts in both languages!

Fisher Price Shape Sorter Bucket
My sister and her boys got this shape sorter bucket for Ryan for Christmas and he LOVES it! The purple top is actually his favorite plastic toy. I'm pretty certain he thinks it's a travel nipple (TMI?!) and gets quite frustrated when he can't get anything out of it. One day, I got it on video:

He's also just now started to push in the shapes when I set them up for him and he's quite proud of himself when he does it. The shapes are also great for banging together which, I'm learning, is a game that never gets old at this stage. :)

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Puppy
Ryan loves starring at this pup's eyes while it sings. And then he looks up at us like it's the coolest thing he's ever seen. He also loves sucking on the ears- ha. I only wish it sat up better on it's own. I usually stack something behind it and then sit Ryan in front of it so that he can look straight at it. But other than that small issue, we love this toy! You can find it here.


Baby Faces by DK Publishing
This was the first book Ryan responded to when he was a tiny baby and it is STILL one of his favorite books. He loves looking at all of the faces!

Well it makes sense that this is a #1 best seller on Amazon. Ryan loves this book! I think it's the faces and the colorful pages, but whatever it is, he loves it!

Baby Tractor by DK Publishing
This cute lift-flap book combines colors, tractors, and baby animals. Each colored tractor has a baby animal hiding behind the flap. It has a sing-songy rhythm and is definitely a favorite in our house!  

Toes, Ears, & Nose! by Marion Dane Bauer
Lift-flap books are a favorite in our house right now, and this one and the one below are Ryan's most requested. Seriously. When I get a different book, he'll look for a second, and then move it to the side and reach for one of the two, ha! I laughed the first time I realized what he was doing. Who knew he could have an opinion this early?!

Peek-a-Boo, I love you! by Sandra Magsamen
The whole book is cute, but the last page is the best. We usually end with it before nap time and on this day, Ryan was barely holding his eyes open when I snapped this pic:
Usually, he gives big grins and flirts with himself in the mirror. :)

So moms of little ones, what are your babies' favorite toys and books?! 

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  1. We love the Kick and Play piano too. Agreed that the best toys are those that can transition with them. (I think that is more for my wallet than for him, but I digress.)