Monday, March 23, 2015

#nelsendays2015 Weeks 10 & 11

Matt was gone on two separate short trips in the past two weeks, so Ryan and I took advantage of some sweet time with family while he was away! Here's a look at each day from the past two weeks. 

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Day 64:
This was the first time Ryan sat in a highchair at a restaurant and boy did he love it! He seemed like he was close to falling asleep in his stroller so I had planned to leave him in there while Matt's mom and I had lunch, but the minute I got him out, he started tapping the table with both hands like he couldn't believe he was so big. The entire lunch, in between bites, he was smiling and tapping the table and making his "I'm so excited right now" noises. It was pretty cute! I feel like he's turning into such a little person. :)

Day 65: Tally cozied up under Ryan's crib during his nap and snoozed right along with him. :)

Day 66:
Ryan sits in the tub like a big boy now and loves to splash in the water and scoot around reaching for toys. But his most favorite thing to do is talk with his friend in the mirror. Sweet buddy loves that friend so.

Day 67:
Crawling to Nonna in his 18 month pjs on the same day we lowered the crib. Slow down time!

Day 68:
While Matt was skiing, we visited with my parents in Monroe! More on that here.

Day 69:
I love the way Ryan looks at my mom. We were getting him buckled in for a walk in the nice weather and he was just staring away at her... and curling his toes. :)

Day 70:
I still can't believe we took these three kiddos under three to the mall and stayed there for almost FOUR hours! They were rockstars! T read to Ryan while we waited in line at one store (totally on her own by the way- sweet love), and then the bottom right in a close up of Ryan's sleeping feet. :)

Day 71:
Last week's date night in involved Papa John's pizza and House of Cards on Netflix. That show gets a little weird sometimes but it is so good!

Day 72:
I snuck away for a little relaxation during Ryan's nap- bubble bath, mud mask, and my book- which I am almost finished with and loving! I'll write about it later this week, but you can check it out here!

Day 73:
Last week I was at my neighbor's house when her daughter's Solly Dolly Wrap arrived in the mail. Is this the cutest thing or what?! 

Day 74:
Finally a sunny, warm day after lots of rain! We finished our day with a walk around Chastain while we waited for Matt to get home from work. I see many of these walks happening in these upcoming Spring days!

Day 75:
Road trip to Nonna's! This was obviously a pit stop, but Ryan thought he was hot stuff sitting in the driver's seat with me. :)

Day 76:
Cooking pasta with Nonna and looking at cars out the window with Papa. I'm so thankful for these two and how well they love us!

Day 77:
Aunt Gretchen came for a sleepover Friday night while Matt was away on a work trip. We don't like when Matt's gone but getting lots of good time with my family makes it fun!

We made this yummy pizza for dinner- Mmm! It is SO good! You can check out the recipe here.

Have a great week friends!



  1. Miss reading your blog with my coffee. Hope you find inspiration again soon :)

  2. ohmygoodness, the photo of ryan checking his reflection out in the bath tub!! what a sweetie!! and that pizza - i remember seeing that picture on IG and instantly wanting pizza! sounds SO good! :)