Friday, March 13, 2015

Matt's Ski Trip, His Injury, and Time with Nonna & Papa

Last week, Matt and his dad left for a ski trip at Alta Lodge in Utah. They were pumped about the amount of snow that had dumped on the mountain in the days leading up to their trip and couldn't wait to get on the mountain and ski for a few days.

They got there Saturday afternoon, skied half a day, woke up early Sunday morning, skied a full day, and set out Monday for their second full day of skiing.

A picture Matt sent me of the sunrise their first morning

And the sunset that evening. He knows me well. The sunrise, sunset, hot chocolate and hot tub are my favorite parts of skiing. :)

On Tuesday, Matt was skiing a run with moguls and hit one of them hard, which caused one of his skis to pop off as he was coming down. The ski landed in the show on it's side and Matt's opposite knee came down on the side of the ski, cutting through his pants and his knee cap. He thought it was just a bad bruise until he saw that his pants were torn open and then saw all of the blood. Because there was so much blood, he was worried about waiting at the top of the mountain for ski patrol, so he put his ski back on and skied down the mountain to the infirmary.

As Matt was laying on the table, an attendant told him (why, I have no idea) that it was the worst cut he had seen. Because that's comforting. Thankfully the doctor quickly said he had seen worse (thank you doc... even if you were lying).

Because it was so deep, they had to give him two shots of anesthetic straight into the wound (criiiinge!). Matt said it was awful but after that the pain was gone.

He ended up with five stitches underneath and nine on top. And had to spend the next day and a half in the room, watching other people ski from his window. Poor guy!

He sent me this picture from his bed

We're so thankful it didn't damage the muscle or the bone. So hopefully once the stitches are removed and the bruising heals, he'll be good to go.

Needless to say, we were happy to have him home on Wednesday! Poor guy said that was his only fall. 

The two of us are quite a pair on the slopes it seems. 

On the last trip we went on together I busted my knee and had to be taken away on the ski patrol snow mobile. So awkward and embarrassing. More on that fun story here.

While Matt was away, Ryan and I spent some great time with my parents! We stayed here for part of the time and went down to Monroe to their house for the other part.

Wine and appetizers on the screened in porch- Mom's always good for a funny cocktail napkin. ;)

Papa strapped Ryan into the swing that his dad's dad made over a hundred years ago- how cool is that?!

Ryan loved it!

Love this little chunker and his 18 month pjs (major tear)... in this pic he's sampling and devouring a veggie chip. After seeing how much he loved them, I decided I'll be packing these for our trip in May- he loved them!

Love my parents' screened-in porch. My step-sister and her family came over to visit with us, which was so sweet considering it was a Tuesday evening and we invited them last minute! Ryan loved getting to play with his cousins!

He is yanking Wallis's pigtail in this picture. Oops! She was a good sport. ;)

And Graham is a natural with babies! Ryan was quite smitten. :)

After they headed home, mom and I worked on dinner and found a good spot for Ryan to entertain himself while we cooked...

Wooden spoons and cookbooks can entertain for the entire time it takes to cook a meal it seems!

Mom and I made my homemade mac & cheese recipe with FRESH cheddar cheese and tossed in some colored grape tomatoes. It was SO good! Think I may have to start buying real cheddar cheese and grating it. The flavor it so much better!

And that pork tenderloin is another recipe I'm gonna need to share on here... and excuse my pasta to veggie and meat ratio. ;)

The next morning, Papa and Ryan played in the kitchen while mom and I made breakfast.

We went out for lunch where Ryan enjoyed some cucumber and LEMON! That boy is so funny! I love how much he'll just eat anything!

He was sound asleep with in three minutes of our drive home. We both had a great time with Nonna and Papa!


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  1. Looks like you all enjoyed your visit. That swing is amazing.
    Hoping the Hubs heals quickly. Poor guy, must have been so frustrating.