Monday, March 9, 2015

#nelsendays2015 Week 9: Baths, Brussel Sprouts, and Big Boy Moments

What a fun week it's been! I feel like Ryan's in a stage where he's changing SO much each week, so looking back at these pictures is fun. Here's a look at what our last week (and a few days) looked like:

Day 55:
Tally usually sits right by the tub while we bathe Ryan each night. But this night, he decided to get in. One minute he was watching Ryan from the outside of the tub, and the next minute he was in the tub with him. He cracks us up sometimes. 

Day 56:
This is the face Ryan made when Matt walked in the door from work. Melt.

Day 57:
These two are loving starring at each other, reaching for each other's faces, and working on their rocking together. Ryan gave me that big cheesy grin as I was taking the picture- I feel like he thinking, "Mom, he's just like me!"

Day 58:
This awesome group of people is who we used to do "family dinner" with once/month. But the more babies we've had, the trickier those dinner dates have become. So we started a new tradition last weekend- family breakfast. ;) We all got to Andrea's house before 9am on a Saturday and laughed at how different our lives look now. At one point, 9am on a Saturday would have felt so early! We had quite the fiasco making eggs, bacon, and waffles- who would have thought? haha. BUT, we managed to get the fire alarm off, clear the smoke, eat our meal, and get a picture. And the kids got to play! So it was an all-around successful first family breakfast. I think next time we'll shoot for no fire alarm and maybe make a casserole instead. :)

Day 59:
Last Sunday, Ryan went to our church's nursery for the second time in his 7 month life. And all week he's had a stuffy/runny nose and a little cough. wah wah. I love our church and the nursery so much, but I definitely hate colds! I'm hoping that when winter is gone for good we can go consistently and not have the colds come along with each visit. Soon enough!!

Day 60:
I stepped away from playing with Ryan to stick a load of laundry in and Tally took my place. :)

Day 61:
My sister and her boys watched Ryan for me while I went to the dentist last week. They were so excited to get to play with him after school. And Noah asked if he could feed him his dinner when I got back from my appointment. Sweet buddies. Ryan is one lucky not to have these three in his life!

Day 62:
Brussel sprouts were a big hit! hahah... this buddy cracks me up!

Day 63:
#momfail moment- I locked the three of us out of the house and had to wait for Matt's mom to come rescue us with a spare key! I'm so thankful she's retired and lives close by! Thankfully Ryan continued sleeping while we waited, and Tally- Tally was between being annoyed and trying to comfort me. haha.



  1. Your "momfail" face in that pic cracks me up - I once locked my self out of my house walking to my car without my house key or car key. That was just plain stupidity HAHA -
    Is the mid-month confession link up this Monday? Your link to it says February 16th - I assume you meant March :)

  2. I will have to try Brussels sprouts with George. We have done all the common veggies so far, but I want to change some things up! I love seeing the reaction of babies to their parents coming home/picking them up. It is the best!