Wednesday, December 18, 2013

NYC part 1

So here's the low-down on this little weekend getaway we just got back from. Matt had never been to New York, and I grew up going with my family (my aunt and uncle lived 30 minutes outside of the city in Kearny, NJ, so we went every summer and Christmas for many years), so NYC has been on our travel bucket list for a LONG time. We had two free flights with CC points, AND a free place to stay thanks to Matt's sister Karen having the greatest, sweetest, most hospitable in-laws ever ;). So we said, "What the heck, let's go!"

Of course, what made it even better was having Karen, Jay, and Jackson join us for most of the trip! They've been a few times since Jay's parents moved to the city two years ago, and knew how to act like locals and get us to where we all wanted to go. Plus, they're way fun and awesome to hang out with, so toodling around the city with them was so much cooler than if we had gone just the two of us!

Matt and I flew in Thursday night, and woke up bright and early Friday morning for the Today Show. We slept a good bit less than the six hours our contacts needed to clean themselves in their cases (Clear Care, anyone?), hence the glasses. Sleep when you die, right?

This truck was giving out free hot chocolate and bagels for the people waiting in line- how nice is that?!

I seriously don't think I have ever been so cold. Or so happy to be so cold. Being that it was day one and we had been in NYC for hours, we hadn't quite mastered the double sock, double glove, 7 layers of clothes thing yet (this picture is deceiving- I had on my Lulu pants people. Not my smartest move by a long shot.)

There they are! K, so it's kind of my dream to actually be IN that studio one day.

I have to say, it was much nicer watching from inside the Bouchon Bakery.

After we left the Today Show, we walked around Rockefeller and NBC Studios.

Then we came home and NAPPED.

Jay and Karen arrived later that day, and that night, the four of us went out for dinner and a show.

After dinner, we popped in this little shop that advertised mini filled bagel balls. It sounded interesting, but was quite underwhelming. At least their advertising was legit- it tasted just like a mini bagel ball filled with cream cheese (I'm not sure what we thought it would taste like?!).

We walked by this shop on our little walking tour. Just saying... if I owned a bakery in NY, I would come up with a more appealing name.

We warmed up in PressTea before the play, where Matt Nelsen drank a hot drink. Yep. It was a bigger moment for me than it was more him. I like the idea of Starbucks dates or coffee time on Saturday mornings... but this guy just doesn't drink hot drinks- usually. It made me happier than it should have sitting in that little tea shop drinking a hot beverage with him. I'm a simple person apparently.

A picture for Jackson :)

Getting reading to go in to see the Rockettes! What a show!

Saturday morning, we walked through Union Square and attempted to purse shop on Canal Street. I've been looking for a knockoff purse that looks like this for a while, but alas, they didn't have one like it.

Saturday night, the four of us went out to a restaurant in Little Italy that I grew up going to- Da Nico's. Before we left, we got some pictures with Jackson. :)

The food at Da Nico's was uh-mazing. Just a great as I remember. Karen and I ordered- you won't believe how delish this sounds- rigatoni alla vodka stuffed with lobster and ricotta. Oh MY word. I am SO making some variation of this recipe is the very near future. I heard angels singing when I took the first bite. To die for!

There she is.

Matt got gnocchi.

And Jay got lamb. All picture worthy, of course. :)

Annette, the owner, spoiled us with appetizers and desserts- the way she used to when my family came up when my sister and I were kids.

And now, the highlight of Matt and Karen's trip (and mine too after seeing the look on their faces when he walked in)- meeting Jameis Winston at an FSU bar after he accepted the Heisman. 

Basically, the story boils down to the fact that Matt is ridiculous with his connections. He somehow found a private thread on Warchant (FSU's message boards) in which a guy in the "inner circle" personally emailed Matt and told him where Jameis was going to be after the Heisman Ceremony. So we went. And sure enough, at 1:45 in the morning (Lord help me), Jameis arrived. Oh the look on Matt's face when he walked in- the pictures almost capture it.

He had his hat and sharpie ready for a signature. Unfortunately, Jameis wasn't signing autographs.

The whole bar started playing the FSU fight song as Jameis walked in with his entourage.

Look at K-girls' face- "Matt, is this really happening?!"

Pure Bliss.

And off he went... Matt right there still trying to get an autograph. Love it. ;)

More pics tomorrow from our next two days!

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  1. I can't even tell you how many things I love about this post. I am DYING to go to NYC over Christmas time. Maybe next year I can talk Jeremy into it...

  2. Beautiful photos. I have yet to go to NYC....this is definitely making me want to jump on a plane and head there. THanks for sharing :)

  3. Great pics! I worked in NYC many years and now live upstate, and it's so fun to see people who visit because I get to see it with new eyes. That restaurant looks so GOOD!! It's now on my to-do list.

  4. i love everything about this post - especially all of the pure joy written all over your faces!!! matt's happiness in the last few photos is priceless!! you had me laughing at how he doesn't drink hot beverages. and the part about the mini bagel balls. that italian restaurant looks amazing...and to have food come out and hear angels singing...that's the BEST kind of food!!!
    you two are too cute! i say it all the time, but you are!
    i love all of the fun you always have! i'm off to catch up on your part 2! :)