Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween 2016

Halloween 2016, you were FUN!

These days before school and schedules are so great because we can do what we want with them. So yesterday we decided to take a trip to Target to buy a Halloween cookie-making kit (and candy and a bucket because oops! I realized last minute we didn't have either!). And then Nonna, Mimi, and Papa came over to join us for the fun night!

First side-by-side ride at Target! The picture is not entirely capturing how excited they both were. ;)

Back home we ate on the porch,

and then it was time for Natalie's bottle.
Ryan: "I will feed her mama"

Big Buddy posing with the Lightning McQueen outfit he wore for the day- and his new $1 bucket from Target in the background (we managed to get the LAST one!)

After naps we decorated our googly-eye cookies,

and them Mimi, Nonna, and Papa arrived!

We ate dinner on the porch before getting the kiddos dressed up in their costumes.

Sweet love. This costume was worn by both of my nephews and handed down to Ryan. I think it's technically a dragon, but he told everyone he was a dinosaur. :)
This little face and hand tap is what Ryan does when he gets really excited to see Natalie (or anyone)- he goes up to her and pats her really fast and makes that gritty-teeth face. :)

Off we go!

And we're down before the first house...

...so Matt ran back for the wagon ;)

Sweet boo was about asleep when we rolled up to the first house!
But he got his candy, said his thank-yous, STRIPPED (right there in the neighbor's lawn), and got his second wind. So the rest of his trick-or-treating looked like this:
It was in the mid-80s and it was HOT!

So we all took turns carrying his costume to the doors and Ryan would say,
"I was a DI-no-SAUR" (so enunciated)
And then we were off to the next house. He LOVED it!

Sweet angel girl was such a trooper! She is usually in bed around 6:00 and is fighting an ear infection (poor thing!) but was happy as could be to relax in her stroller for the night.
We ended at our house where Ryan trick-or-treated from Mimi and then took some turns passing candy out to the kids who came by.

Halloween with kids is so much fun!



  1. Oh my goodness! Love! ...and Ryan stripping down in the neighbors yard and trick or treating the rest of the night in a diaper--I'm dying!!! 😂

  2. Ryan was an adorable dinoragon(dinosaur dragon hybrid, get it!) And Natalie is the most perfect lady bug! So precious!! I can't believe he striped in the neighbors yard house 1 & spent the rest of the night in his diaper, too cute.
    We had the slowest night & least amount of people on beggars night we've had in the 7 years we've been living here. And that's not saying a lot to be honest!
    Your 2 littles are the cutest things ever!!

  3. My nephew dressed up as a dragon this year. His costume is very similar to Ryan's with a different color scheme.