Friday, November 18, 2016

Natalie Grace- 9 Months

Little Miss Nonni Girl had so many FIRSTS this month!

She is our Sweet Pea, our Peanut, our Little Love, our Angel Baby, and our Girly Girl.

She is content and happy until she's hungry or tired- and when that switch flips, give the girl what she wants- ASAP. ;)

It cracks us up how immediate that switch is. She lets out the hardest, saddest cry and then immediately kicks her legs and smiles when you start to feed her.

When she's ready for bed, she doesn't want a story, and we can usually get through 1/2 a song before she reaches for her crib. When we lay her down, she stretches out on her belly with one elbow bent and the other arm stretched out straight- ready to crash.

This month has also been a big one for her and Ryan- he has always been crazy about her, but now that she's crawling and interacting more, he gets so excited when she wakes up and wants her to play with him. It is the sweetest!

Here's a look at her last month in photos:

This was her first time sitting in the grocery cart- her little face shows how excited she was!

First wagon ride!

First and second time riding in a swing!

Kitchen bath with her brother :)

Little Lady Bug on her first Halloween!
First time sitting in a restaurant high chair!

First time playing at the mall play ground

First time riding in the "drive, drive, drive" cart at Publix 
(That's what Ryan and I have always called it) :)
Clearly, Ryan was pretty excited about this first :)

We grocery shop a lot- hah... this was a quick trip, so Ryan got to sit in the back, which he though was super cool, and Natalie was all grins in the front!
Daddy-daughter. They're pretty nuts about each other. :)

Trying to keep up with her brother- who created a playground out of the couch cushions- hah

I snuck this picture of the two of them playing together- really one of the first times where Ryan brought toys over and was talking and playing and I didn't feel like I needed to be right there to make sure he didn't get over excited and accidentally knock her over. So I tried to stay out of the way but snuck this pic!
Little Miss figuring out how to get the the knobs on the top! I think she may try to pull up to a stand in this next month- she's been working on it so hard these last few days!


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  1. It's so crazy how fast time sees to fly! I can't believe she has been a part of your family for 9 months already. Her precious spirit seems to just shine through all of these pictures. Hope you are doing well pretty lady! Happy weekend!