Monday, November 14, 2016

Life Lately

Well in case you missed it, last week happened.

I've been in a pretty good groove of keeping this space updated, but last week got away from me completely!

The good news is, I'm chipping away at this month's goals: Christmas shopping is almost complete, our Christmas card is ordered, 3 new recipes have been made and the last two are in the process of being shared (look for upcoming recipe posts: Beef Wellington and Apple Cinnamon Overnight French Toast!), our 12 Days of Christmas plans are in the works, Matt and I's getaway is booked, and I'm halfway through Simply Tuesday!

I love, love, love this time of year and all of the excitement and business it brings!

Here's a look at what we've been up to lately:

Our cousin, Rebecca got married last weekend in Monroe, GA at Nine Oaks Farm. She was a beautiful bride, the ceremony and reception were tons of fun, and the venue was fantastic!

Cutest ring bearer and flower girl I ever did see!

Nonna and Papa

and Mimi and Papa

Ryan loves his Aunt KK!

dancing :)

And sharing lemonade, or "weh-mo-NADE!" as Ryan called it. It was his first time trying it and he was a big fan. :)
Two 2-year-olds dancing... sweetness!
And then the head bonk mid-dance. :)

We learned at this wedding reception that Ryan is a BIG fan of dancing and did not want to leave the dance floor! He is just like his daddy. By the end of the night, he was break dancing pantless, with just that shirt, bow tie and diaper. Sweet love.

They had a photo booth at the reception- so much fun!

On Election Day, my sister and her boys had the day off, so she and my mom met us at the park!

These two enjoyed their first side-by-side ride at the grocery store.
And then a second trip riding front and back :)

I love watching them play- Ryan: "Dat tickhols, Nonni!"

Last weekend we had breakfast at a cute little spot in our new downtown.

Picking out our pastries!

And since we tend to beat even the early crowds, Ryan got airplane rides around the patio before the other guests arrived. :)

Afterward, we did some furniture shopping- this new house isn't going to fill itself!

Wagon rides and pizza making before the weather decided to be Fall.
Our new mall has an indoor play area! Genius. We will be spending many a winter day here I think!

My swinging girl :)

Yesterday, Nonni had a little cold so I stayed home with her while Matt and Ryan went to church. They came down the stairs ready to leave and I about died at the outfit Matt put him in. He loves dressing like his daddy!

After the service, Matt took Ryan up to see the stage, and the worship leader offered to bring Ryan up and let him see all of the instruments! So sweet! These pictures are super dark and grainy, but Matt said Ryan was so excited to be up there. :)

Hope you all have a great week!


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