Friday, November 4, 2016

Pepper Onion Pasta

Well, it's no secret that we LOVE pasta in our house. I could happily eat pasta every night for the rest of my life. And I'm pretty sure Ryan could too. Matt, not so much, but he does love pasta in between a few meat-for-dinner nights. ;)

So because we love pasta so much, I love coming up with new sauces to change up the pasta pace, if you will. This sauce has a little kick and makes for a great side or base for a one-pot meal. I think it could be delicious with sautéed peppers and onions and served alongside grilled chicken or Italian sausage. Or cut up the chicken or sausage and serve it all together with some fresh parm on top. It is such a simple sauce that can go a million different directions!

1lb short pasta (I used rigatoni)
1 10oz. jar pepper onion relish (Harry & David is my favorite)
8oz cream cheese
1 cup pasta water

Boil heavily salted water. Cook pasta to al dente. Reserve one cup pasta water before draining. Set pasta aside in colander. Return pan to stove. Add pasta water, relish and cream cheese. Whisk over medium heat until sauce in smooth (2-3 minutes). Add pasta to sauce and stir. Garnish with fresh parsley.


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