Friday, October 28, 2016

Life Lately

Life lately has been a good kind of crazy- like it's Friday already and I thought the week just started kind of crazy- but that's just the stage of life we're in right now. I already know it's true when people say some days may feel long, but the years are so short.

If you missed my post on Robyn Field's blog entitled "Embracing the days with your Littles," you can check it out here.

And if you didn't get a chance to read Robyn's guest post from Wednesday, she shared her top-five favorite books with us.You can check it our here! There are least two from her list that I have added to my read-next list. Thanks, Robyn!

Okay, on to some Life Lately:

Last Friday, we took a trip to Kinsey Family Farm with Aunt KK (Matt's sister) and Riley. My nephew, Jackson, was in school, so it was just these three kiddos and their crazy mamas for our morning together. It was a blast. And it felt like FALL!

These two are 4 months apart and are so much fun to watch together.
I hope he always gives a thumbs-up with his pointer finger and smiles with a wide-open mouth. :)

Love this girl so much!

Ryan and Riley weren't embracing this photo op as much as Natalie. ;)

Wagon ride through the pumpkins- I love that she figured out she better hold on ;)

Love this sweet girl's crinkle-nose smile!

And love her mama too!

After nap one day, I looked over in the living room and found Ryan sitting in this storage bin eating some of Natalie's puffs. Oh my gosh, little people are so funny.

This little lady and I took a trip to Costco together, and she sat in the cart like a big girl for the first time! She was quite proud of herself and loved greeting all of the shoppers. :)

She also sat in the swing for the first time this week, AND started really crawling from one spot in the room to the next! She's growing up!
Matt sent me this picture when I was making a solo grocery run- sweet loves... those tippy toes kill me. He loves his sister so much!

Another first for miss Nonni Girl- neighborhood wagon ride!

When we got back, Ryan washed the wagon...
...and its wheels :)

...while this little lady chilled on her blanket enjoying the Fall breeze

Love this pic so much- Matt is seriously the best. Ryan loves watching him shave before work, and this morning, Ryan apparently asked if he could spread it over Matt's belly. And Matt said yes. :) I  love how he takes the time to do silly, random things like this even on a work morning! I mean the look on Ryan's face is pure joy.

Ryan was ready to go to Mops with me on Tuesday!
And a few minutes later he was passed out. Sweet guy still loves a morning snooze some days.

Zoo day with our friends Lauren and Cade!

And Fall cookie decorating with Aunt Steph, Finn, and Ryder!

Nonna and Papa came to town and brought the furniture that we were storing at their old house, so Papa and Ryan made a game of carrying the recycling bin down the driveway on the dolly.

And then they played in the truck and loaded Ryan's toys in.

Later that night, Matt and I went on a DATE!!! We explored our little downtown for the first time since moving and ate a delicious restaurant. We forgot to snap a picture... in fact, I forgot my phone all together... but man was it good to be out with just him for a few hours!

This weekend is a big one in our house! Clemson plays Florida State in football. I am obviously a Clemson fan, and Matt is an FSU fan and will be going to the game! ...which means the kids and I will be dressed in orange and cheering hard from home. ;)

Hope y'all have a great weekend!


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