Monday, October 3, 2016

Natalie Grace- 7 Months

Our sweet Nanni Girl, we love her so much!

Before she was born, we asked Ryan (about 15 or 16 months old at the time) what he thought about the name Natalie for his sister, and he smiled big and said, "Nah-ni" ...and that's what we've called her ever since. :)

This past month has been so fun for all of us- her little personality is coming through more and more each day, and she's trying harder and harder to sit up all the way and pull her little knees under when she's on her belly. She has two bottom teeth that always show when she smiles her big smile, and she's eating (and swallowing!) more food. We used to laugh at how she pushed everything out with her tongue and gave you a look like, "WHAT are you putting in my mouth?!" ...but now she has seemed to figure out that everything we put in her mouth has a taste and even gets excited when we put her in her seat to eat.

Just like her brother did, she'll eat just about anything. I'm not really shying away from any foods and usually give her a little bit of whatever we're eating plus a few baby foods that are pureed since she is better at ingesting food that way for now. I love seeing her reach for whatever we're eating and trying to eat like we do!

When she gets excited, she kicks her legs and swats her hands and arms up and down with a big grin on her face. She does this whenever Tally comes close by, when we get her from her crib, or when any one of her family members talk to her. She is such a sweat pea!

She loves her feet, her fingers, her paci, and girlfriend LOVES her sleep. She rarely fusses when you lay her down, and occasional kicks her legs out when she sees her crib, as if she's giddy about nap/bed time. Bless her!

6 month appointment :)

Snuggles from Ryan!

Napping at Mimi's!

Playing at the new house while mommy unpacks

Daddy's home!

Flight to Orlando- her second flight... such a sweet little traveler she is!

Relaxing at Great Nanna's and Great Grandpa's

Airpot baby


A little relaxation after pool time :)

Natalie's back there somewhere ending a bottle ;)

Sweet girl passed out at a birthday party- love her little hand peeking through

Snuggles and spit up with my girl while her brother napped!

One of the last pictures in our old house after we got home from church

My mini-me :)

Music class fun with Mimi!

Love the way she's holding her Mimi's hand

Somebody was super excited about unpacking!

This is probably odd to post but I love the little look on her face when she's working on a diaper. Sweet love!

Park play date with my crew!

Love watching them play together :)

Playing in our empty living room before everything was moved in!

Costco- Ryan was actually really excited to sit in the cart with Nanni, haha- and sweet Natalie always quick with a smile and a foot grab!

...Since I've been so behind on blogging, she's actually 7.5 months already and has changed SO much in two short weeks! She's rocking back and forth in a crawl position and sits up tall and is so proud that she can. Can't wait to see what these next two weeks bring! (And hope I'll actually get to her 8 month post done on time now that we're semi-settled in our new home!)



  1. My sister's name is Natalie and we have always called her Nannie or Nannie Boo - love the nickname!