Monday, September 12, 2016

Long Weekend in Orlando

It's evident by how infrequently I've been updating this space that life around here is a bit crazy!

We are moving one week from today and are getting so excited to be in our new home! I'll share more details on that later this week. Today, I wanted to give a recap of our trip to Orlando.

Over the Labor Day weekend, we took a break from all of the house prepping and decision making and took a trip to Orlando. Matt wanted to go to Florida State's opening game, so we thought we'd make a weekend of it and visit family while we were there.

The trip was planned before all of the house buying and selling began, but we're so glad we had it booked- it was the perfect break from all of the craziness! Plus, Ryan and Natalie got to spend time with their Great Nanna and Great Papa and the rest of their Orlando family, and also got to be in the same house with Mimi and Papa (Matt's parents) for a few days, so it was fun to spend extra time with them too!

The only problem is that I completely forgot to take pictures with everyone and just have some random pictures from our weekend- oops! Guess that shows how much we really did just unplug and try to enjoy time with family.

Ready to go!
Ryan thought it was so cool to ride the bus to the airport. :)

This Little Miss rocked her second flight!

Orlando's airport is a tiny taste of Disney- and it did not disappoint!

Once we got to Great Nanna and Great Grandpa's house, Ryan was introduced to the magic that is a laundry room filled with toys from 50+ years ago. I'm convinced they don't make toys the way they used to. We spent a lot of time in this great space (particularly those quiet hours before the rest of the house considered it morning) ;)

On Sunday morning, we went to Great Nanna and Great Grandpa's church. Ryan and Natalie made it through the opening and the worship (where Ryan sang Jesus Loves Me no matter what song was being played :) ) before we walked out to the lobby.

And then we hung out with the sweetest little Sunday school class during the message- the kids were so sweet with Ryan!

Back at the house, Ryan met our cousin Lynnea's pups and did some tricks with them.


Papa and Ryan watched a rain storm from the front door

On Monday, we had a big lunch with about 15 of our family members and hung out all afternoon before a large group went to the FSU v. Ole Miss, but I completely forgot to snap a single picture. Man!

Tuesday morning, Great Grandpa had to go to work, so Ryan kept him company while he had his breakfast. :)

We searched for lizards, snakes, and frogs in the backyard...
... and got really excited when we found a baby lizard :)

As we were getting ready to jump in the car for the airport, I realized I hadn't taken one picture with Great Nanna! So we snapped a quick one (and let Crabby be in the picture too)
Crabby is Ryan's new friend that his Aunt Leslie gave him on the trip- the look on his face when she said he could keep him was precious! 
And of course that was the friend he wanted to carry on the plane, haha

Grabbing a quick bite before boarding
And then the sweetest little moment happened where Ryan reached to hold Nanni's hand while he played a game on the flight. Love these two!


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