Monday, October 17, 2016

Clemson Homecoming Weekend

This past weekend, we rented a house in Clemson with three of my college roommates and their families. In total, there were 8 adults and 8 kids. We're near being outnumbered. ;) But despite the crazy that was our group of 16 (or maybe because of it) we had the best time walking around campus, seeing the floats, and watching our kiddos play together. 

I'm not entirely sure how 10 years and 8 kids have happened, but I'm sure glad we have these weekends to get together and pretend like we're still those girls in our early 20s. :)

Here's a look at our weekend together!

So thankful for these girls!! And our super sweet hubbies who gave us time together while they hung with the kiddos. These weekends could never be long enough!



  1. I love that you guys still get together! So special!

  2. So fun! Love that you got to show those babies Homecoming!