Thursday, September 4, 2014

#nelsendays2014 Weeks 33 & 34 + a FREE photobook!

So I'm a little behind on these posts, but I figure having a newborn makes that acceptable, right?! 

Here's a bit of what we've been up to lately! The next two weeks will be up at the beginning of next week. 

And at the bottom of this post, there's a great deal from Shutterfly!

Day 225: I love these pictures and the memories from this night. I know pumping and bottles aren't for everyone, but Matt has loved getting to give Ryan his last bottle each night. And I think it's part of what's helped him sleep so well at night, so for us, it's a win-win! You can read about the bottles we use here.

Day 227: First of many (hopefully!) family dinner outings- both "kids" did great! ;)

Day 228: First family hike!

Day 229: Yes, our 75lb dog sleeps in the bed with us. Our baby, however, does not. Although I could totally see us being those parents who let their toddler sneak in the bed... we're such suckers for some sweet snuggle time. ;)

Day 230: A lazy Monday afternoon- and as I clarified on Instagram, Ryan is sleeping in this picture, not eating. ;) #awkward

Girls' dinner night out with these sweet friends! Tally's not a girl, nor did he go. He's just a crazy dog who likes taking pictures. :)

Day 231: Big sister practice with Ryan and sweet T! Melt. My. Heart.
Day 232: "Playdate" for Ryan, Reese, and Rowen! And for their two mamas. :)

Day 233: Surprise visit at my sister's school on her birthday! She's pretty much the greatest. :)

Day 234: A restaurant photo fail, but a fun night nonetheless

Day 235: Baby shower for Dre and Baby Boy McGuire!

Celebrating my sister's birthday :)
Sweet snuggles with Mimi!

Day 236: Sunday Funday for my three boys while mama slept. Daddy is the BEST! 

Day 237: Ryan at 4 weeks old, sandwiched in between his Clemson and FSU pacis. ;)

Day 238: In honor of National Dog Day... Tally's the sweetest "big brother" ;)

Shutterfly is running one of my FAVORITE sales right now- a FREE 8x8 photo book! I've made a book every year of our marriage and will continue to make a "family" book each year from now until who knows when. I always wait around for the free photo book offer (you only have to pay shipping), so I've never had to pay for any of the books I've made. Just click here and be sure to enter BOOK4FREE at checkout. That's it! The offer ends of 9/11 so be sure to order before then!



  1. I love that Tally smiles, haha.

  2. I love this- such precious photos and memories :)