Thursday, September 11, 2014

#nelsendays2014 weeks 35 & 36

Day 239: Successful checkup!

Day 240: One month!

Day 241: Ryan meets his cousins in Monroe

Day 242: Daddy's home from Dallas!

Day 243: My boys :)

Day 244: Mall date with my little man :)

Day 245: Morning mirror smiles for mom!

Day 246: Starting off the day with a morning walk

Day 247: Date night in thanks to friends who sent us an Instead of Flowers meal

Day 248: Ryan meeting his great grandparents from Orlando :)

Day 249: Celebrating sweet Maddox's 6th birthday at Bruster's Ice Cream!

Day 250: Ryan was sleeping, Matt was working, and I was cooking with Pandora on in the background. It was kinda nice being back in my regular routine for a night!

Day 251: Ryan met his new best friend Reynolds! They're exactly 6 weeks apart and unintentionally matched for their first meeting. ;)

If you just can't handle waiting the (lately) two weeks it's taking me to post these pics, you can keep up with us everyday on Instagram @hmnelsen. I'm kidding. But follow along if you like. ;)


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  1. Such exciting days! That was one of the best (and worst!) things about having a newborn--everyday was different, and everyday brought new challenges and milestones. Ryan is SO cute, and I love how he matched with his new BFF!