Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekend Recap

This weekend, Matt and I went to my parents' house in Monroe for a family get-together. We were celebrating my niece's 10th birthday and a visit from my step-brother and sister-in-law who just recently moved to Columbia from Charleston. We're so glad they're closer to all of us now, but we still wanted to make a point to get together while they were in town.

This trip was extra fun because we had our little buddy with us. Packing was already easier this time than it was the first time we visited, except for the fact that I forgot his pack-n-play. Ha. Oops! I guess if there's an age to forget a bed, it's this one. He was just as content to sleep on a comforter on the floor and actually gave his longest stretch of sleep so far- 9 HOURS!! Maybe we'll be trying the floor at home. ;) Kidding.

Today, Ryan and I are heading to Chattanooga for a few days with my sister, Noah, Maddox, and my mom! I'll be back to share pictures from the trip on Thursday and will be sharing pictures on Instagram while we're gone. You can follow along @hmnelsen if you like!

Have a great week!



  1. Great photos and 9 hours, really, wow, I don't think I have had that long a stretch in the last 9 years...! A x

  2. Hey Heather, love your shirt! Where is it from? The family looks great, enjoy it all!

    1. Thanks Rachel! It's from Ann Taylor Loft last year. :)