Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

Matt and his dad flew out to Dallas for Florida State's opening game, so Ryan and I took our first overnight trip to Nonna and Papa's house. Naive new mommy here thought we would arrive around lunch time, but I WAY underestimated the whole packing with a newborn process. Babies don't travel lightly. And the window for the ideal time to leave, at least at this stage, is quite specific. So rather than arriving around lunch time, we changed our goal (around lunch time) to making it before dinner. ;) But we made it!

The Monroe cousins got to meet Ryan for the first time:

Then Saturday morning, Nonna, Papa, Ryan and I walked up to the downtown farmer's market:

That night, we got ready for the two big games- Clemson and FSU. Clemson's came first, and unfortunately did not have the outcome we were hoping for. :/ But little buddy sure looked cute in both of his outfits!

So Matt and I definitely had a legitimate conversation about how the cheering for teams will go in our house since we both cheer for different teams first and each other's teams second.

We decided that he gets the boys and I get the girls. haha.. really, we did.

So I knew he would appreciate Ryan's lackluster performance when I attempted to have him do the Clemson fight song for the first time:

Gotta love that big yawn!

Doing the chop?! 
He's pretty cute in his seminole gear too. ;)

On Sunday, we gave little buddy a bath, and he seemed a little overwhelmed by the regular sized bath towel:

The three of us attempted to do some Labor Day shopping but had more fun with the big dressing room mirrors than we did with finding clothes:

On our way back home, we picked up Tally from his daycare and got ready for daddy to get home!

On Monday, we took a family hiking trip and then relaxed for the rest of the day. It was so nice to have Matt home on a Monday!
Tally's been a little strange about getting in the car since the carrier has been in the back seat, so we tried putting him in the trunk instead. He rode the whole way like this- haha, he's just like us- always wants to be where the people are!
Love my boys :)



  1. My husband and I have the same deal! He gets to make the boys Vols fans and I get to make the girls Bama fans. We've got a big rivalry in this house haha!

  2. Such great pictures. Sounds like you all had a wonderful holiday weekend
    I love those towel pictures, so precious!