Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Chattanooga Trip Part 2: The Tennessee Aquarium & the Best Family Ever :)

Days one and two of Ryan's first real trip were so much smoother than I thought they would be. He was content in the car for most of the drive and slept through almost all of Ruby Falls and Rock City. He even slept like a champ both nights, which was a huge blessing considering all six of us were staying in one room at the hotel!

On our third day though, I could tell he was a little "off" from the start of the day. He had a harder time falling asleep for his morning nap and needed a lot more snuggling and rocking and swaying and singing than usual. My mom and sister and the boys were the SWEETEST! They gave Ryan extra lovin' and didn't care the least bit about how long it took us to get out the door. The boys especially were just so patient and understanding for a 6 and 9 year old!

A few shots from the morning- including this gem that I sent to Andrea as I rocked the little man on our balcony with the waterfall from the pool serving as our sound machine. Gotta love those pre-shower, pre-makeup photos:
ahhh, memories :)

We got it together though and made our way to the Aquarium! My sister gets all the credit for these photos by the way.
In between buildings, we stopped at Mellow Mushroom for lunch. And this was where Ryan woke up from his nap really upset and then got upset again right after he ate. I could tell something was off because he's usually pretty content, especially if he's held. He would get so close to falling back asleep and then would make a cry that sounded like he was hurting. Poor buddy! 

All I could think was that he most likely had a tummy ache (most likely meaning it was a total shot in the dark but I knew there was something throwing him off), so I asked my sister and Noah if they would mind getting the Gripe Water from the car. And wouldn't you know that sweet Noah came back (all on his own thinking) with the Baby Bjorn too. Genius boy. Why hadn't I thought of that?! haha... the combination of sitting upright in the Bjorn (with lots and lots of bouncing and walking and singing ;) ) and the Gripe Water did the trick. 

Mom stayed with me while my sister and the boys went back to the Aquarium so that I could get Ryan comfortable again and try to eat some lunch myself.

This was me eating mid-bounce and mid-song. The little buddy stayed asleep just as long as I kept moving. ;) ...I was so thankful for good weather so we could be outside!

Soon after I finished scarfing down my lunch (and the rest of my mom's- haha...), we met back up with the boys and finished out the afternoon at the Aquarium.

After we left the aquarium, we walked to Ben & Jerry's for one last treat before we got back on the road to head home.

Snuggling with the bear Noah gave him :)

Here's a few other shots from the trip that show just how sweet these boys were with Ryan. Melt my heart- they are the best big cousins!
Noah wanted to change Ryan's diaper, help with his baths, sing him to sleep, and carry him in the Baby Bjorn when he saw me do it. Such a sweet big cousin!
He always slipped the bear in when Ryan was napping. ;)
"Hi Ryan, HI!"
"Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" before bed. Melt.
And melt.



  1. Ahh! Ryan is getting cuter by the day! This trip looks like so much fun! So glad Ryan had such a smooth time for the most part. Im am almost certain your sweet nephews could teach me a thing or two about being so patient ;). Your family is so adorable and you are so blessed to have such an amazing support system!

  2. oh my gosh those are the sweetest cousins in the world!! melts my heart. also, welcome to my life...we have a gassy one and there are MANY days that she won't sleep unless she's being bounced and moved and has some gas drops...tiring to say the least! also, question for you if you don't mind: we have been having amelia side sleep during naps in her rock and play, but want to shift her naps to the crib, and think she might be a better tummy what point were you comfortable letting ryan tummy sleep?

    1. Hey Erin! So sorry for just now seeing this- my post comments aren't going through to my email for some reason! Ryan actually started taking his naps on his tummy at 5 weeks- way early, but he had really good head/neck control and was so much happier sleeping that way. He started going down on his tummy for nighttime sleeping at 8 weeks after he was clearly struggling to get his arms out of the swaddle when I laid him down. Occasionally, he still wants to be swaddled for naps, so I've been using the Woombie convertible swaddle that has an option for his arms to be in or out so it's easy to switch him as needed. Hope that helps!

  3. It's so sweet that your nephews love Ryan so much!

  4. Oh my goodness! How sweet that those boys love their cousin so much! And how nice that they are big enough to really help too! Loved seeing Noah carrying Ryan in the bjorn!