Thursday, September 11, 2014

Meeting Great Grandparents and Maddox's 6th Birthday

Last weekend, Matt's grandparents who live in Orlando flew up to meet Ryan for the first time. It was so nice to have them here and to introduce Ryan to his GREAT grandparents! It's pretty amazing to me that this little guy has two sets of great grandparents on Matt's side. He is one lucky boy!

We all got together for dinner at Matt's parent's house on Saturday night. The visit went by too quickly, but we're so glad they could come! Now Matt and I will have to plan out our first family trip to Orlando to visit them. :)

Ryan loves snuggling with his Aunt Karen!

On Sunday, we drove to Marietta to celebrate our nephew's 6th birthday. It's hard to believe he is SIX already! He had his party at Bruster's Ice Cream and then our family went back and celebrated some more at my sister's house. It was a fun-filled family weekend!

Making the ice cream- love the focused tongue-out face ;)

Love this picture of Noah- this was him looking at one of his friends right after Maddox did something silly- he's such a sweet big brother!

This was Ryan's first birthday party by the way. He had a blast as you can see. ;)

It melts my heart how much Noah loves snuggling with Ryan. :)

Love these sweet smiles!

It was Noah's idea to add in the blanket, lovey, and sound machine while Ryan rested on his tummy. I was sitting right there for the record, haha.

This weekend is going to be just as busy if not busier! After tennis and lunch with friends on Saturday, we're heading to Monroe to meet up with my family. We'll stay the night in Monroe and then meet up with a group of friends from high school on Sunday afternoon in Marietta. Basically we'll be showing Ryan off to lots of new faces all weekend long... which we kind of love. ;)

Have a great weekend!


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  1. It's so great that Ryan has two sets of great-grandparents. That's a blessing.