Friday, May 2, 2014

#nelsendays2014 Weeks 16 & 17

Day 105: Signs of Spring at our house :)

Day 106: New hardwoods and bedroom furniture!
Day 107: The start of Easter weekend spent with these fun college kids and a super cute pup

Day 108: Walking at Chastain Park- big pup and little pup

Day 109: Sweet Noah (my sister's oldest) started a "zipper pull" business at school! He's quite the entrepreneur, selling one for $2 or three for $6. ;) Love him!

Day 110: A belated Happy Easter from our family of FOUR. ;)

Day 111: Celebrating Matt's mom's retirement at Lassiter High School! Matt and I drove her to school on her first day our junior year. If only we had a picture from that morning! But as Matt said, we only had flip phones back then. HA! We're getting old.

Day 112: If you read my post from Valentine's Day this year, you know the infamous Matchmaker Story that brought us together. Here we are standing in the spot where the hallway run-in occurred. Bahahaha- oh the awkwardness of that memory... or maybe it's just the awkwardness of ME at 16... either way, things definitely worked out in my favor. Thank goodness Matt didn't go for the cool girls. :)

Day 113: Meeting sweet baby Cade! SO thankful for sweet friends who dish on details of what giving birth is really like- I was about ready to take out a pen and paper and take notes! Thank you Lauren for being such a sweet friend!

Day 114: My kind of Thursday night- A walk at Chastain Park and picking up Papa Johns on the short drive home.
Day 115: First Shower!!

Day 116: Where, oh where, are my ankles I ask? #itwasstillApril #mommasgonnabebigcomeJuly

Day 117: The start of our spontaneous Sunday, clearly orchestrated by Tally

Day 118: My go-to appetizer: Ritz Sour Cream crackers, Trader Joe's Unexpected Cheddar and Balsamic, and chocolate milk- this preggo's alternative to red wine. ;)

Day 119: First load of baby laundry! I don't think I stopped smiling once while I folded these. Can't wait for these little clothes to be filled!

Over the next two weeks, I have THREE awesome giveaways for you guys! Two of them start this Sunday and Monday, so be sure to swing by and check them out!

Happy FRIDAY, friends! We made it.



  1. You're ADRABLE!!! Every time I see you you get cuter!! But girl, your ankles ARE swelling! Eek. So sorry!!!

    But, I love seeing you pregnant! I know I just "know" you from Instagram, but I can remember crying quiet tears for happy for you now!! ❤️ Lots of love!!

  2. What a cute Easter picture, with your dog looking at you. :) You look great!! XOXO