Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Weekend

I planned to write this post yesterday morning, but then I woke up to Matt's alarm instead of mine. His goes off an hour and a half after mine. Ooops!

This weekend, we had three our of college-cousins come stay with us. The oldest one, Graham, just got a red lab puppy and brought him along too. He and Tally had a blast! And Matt and I loved hanging out with everyone. It's crazy to think they're in college and one's about to graduate. We must really be getting old. ;)

Friday night, we took them to Menchie's after our lasagna dinner. Matt said we should give them the full Matt and Heather experience and follow it up with the bookstore- ha! ...Don't worry, we passed. Gotta let the kids think we're kind of cool. ;)

Buck was in heaven with all of Tally's bones- his little tail wagged non-stop while we was chewing on them and switching from one to the next one!

Love this random action shot that Abby took. Can you see that sausage cream cheese braid on the stove back there?! Mmmm.... :)

We took an afternoon walk around Chastain Park

This was Tally both mornings- the minute he woke up, he ran to Graham's door to find his friend.
And this was him after they left... laying in the spot where Buck's crate was- poor guy!

Easter Sunday
After church, we stopped by Karen and Jay's house, and then went to brunch at Ansley Golf Club with Matt's family. After brunch, Abby, Alana, Graham and Buck had to head back to school, and Matt and I went over to my sister's house to celebrate with my family. It was a fun and full day!

Sweet Jackson was fighting off a cold and taking a snooze before we left.

He was also not too sure about the Easter Bunny and only approached him for the candy. ;)

Love them :)

I'm pretty sure this shot was mid- "no cheesin!" from Jackson. He's not a fan of the camera. ;)

My Sister's House
My sister's neighbor's Michael and Dee Dee spent the afternoon with us with their daughter, Samantha. What a cutie she is!



  1. Love seeing pictures of you and your sweet family! Glad yall had a good Easter :)
    x Dani

  2. You guys are just the coolest people to hang out with! And Tally looks SO happy with his little playmate. Everyone looks gorgeous in their Easter outfits. Love your dress. The color looks great on you and your tiny bump!!

  3. Looks like you had a fab Easter! I love your turquoise necklace, it's gorgeous!