Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Nursery Sneak Peek

The room that is becoming the nursery has been called a nursery since the time our house was under construction, or "under renovation" I guess is the better term. Ironically, our contractor is the one who started calling it that when we first began the planning for what each room would look like. And since then, it just stuck.

So for three years, we've been calling that room the nursery, and for at least two years, I've known pretty much what I wanted it to look like.

What I did not anticipate, however, was having a sweet friend from school tell me that she wanted to MAKE my crib skirt, bumper, and fitted crib sheets. The news of me being pregnant hadn't been off my lips for 5 seconds when she shared that that's what she wanted to do as her gift for me and the baby. Seriously?! Amazing! And extra amazing to a girl who doesn't even know how to sew on a button.

Then my sister handed down her beautiful rocker that she used with both of her boys and my mom offered to use her upholsterer in Monroe to recover the fabric to match my color scheme (she obviously already has the cushions). I have pictures of the fabric below.


The floor lamp is from IKEA- only $29.99! It's actually cheaper than the Target basket, which was $39.99, but I had gift cards from my kids at school and loved it.

Add those amazing offers to the already painted dressers that my mom and I redid two summers ago, and the only things that were left to purchase were the crib and a window seat.

I found the crib online at Target, and then found it for $50 cheaper on Wayfair. The total cost came to $202 with free shipping! Pretty darn great if you ask me! My mom helped me pick it out and then booted me out of the way when it came time to enter my CC information. Such a sweet and generous lady she is. :)

The window seat was an idea I saw on Pinterest and thought would be perfect for the space in the nursery. It's not a very large room, so the idea of have a piece of furniture that could serve three purposes (storage, seating, and cuteness) was a major bonus in my book. The bench I purchased is from IKEA and cost $59.99.

The baskets are $14.99 a piece, but fit perfectly with this piece of furniture.
The rug is also from IKEA- $19.99! Granted, it's small -but it's a small room so it works.

After a recommendation from a friend, I went to Joanne's Fabrics to purchase the foam that would be covered for the window seat. I waited until it was 50% off and then used an extra 15% off online coupon. And the foam was still $45 (for FOAM?!) but that was way better than the $100 that it would have been. You can print their coupons here.

Then it was time to pick out the fabric. I thought that picking out fabric would fall into the "craft" category (crafts and I do not get along- if you want to make me really uncomfortable, put me in an enclosed space OR send me to Michael's with a list of things to find), but I actually really enjoyed it! Turns out it falls more into the home decorating category, which I get along with quite well.

I was clueless about where to shop for fabric, how much I would need, how much it would/should cost.

So I started with Google. And Google took me to two fancy shmancy fabric stores near our house called Lewis and Sheron and Forsyth Fabrics. Nicest people, and great fabric selection. Again, I had no clue of how much fabric should cost, so I got 8 or so different samples of $35-$45 per yard fabric and called it a day. I figured I hadn't purchased anything for the nursery outside of the $60 IKEA window seat, so if I needed to spend a little more on the fabric I could. I obviously did not realize that covering a glider, a bumper, a window seat, and a crib skirt would take a LOT of fabric.

I liked what I had found at Lewis and Sheron and Forsyth, but was not 100% sold yet, so a friend of mine told me to check out Hobby Lobby. Really?! Who knew?! Not I since I avoid craft stores.

So after one of my doctor's appointments, I headed over to Hobby Lobby and found EVERYTHING I wanted in no time at all, had the sweetest girl basically coordinate my patterns for me (I about got her address to invite her to a shower after we were finished- she was so sweet and helpful!), and wouldn't you know that fabric only cost $9.99 BEFORE the coupons?! Hello! With a 30% off discount, I ended up paying $6.99 per yard. MAJOR savings from my original finds. Purchasing all of the fabric for the nursery still cost just under $150, so I am SO glad my friend suggested Hobby Lobby!

Here is what I went with:

From left to right: glider, bed skirt, window seat (which Matt's mom has offered to cover for me!)

And the gray and white polka dot one is for the bumper

I also got this cars fabric for an accent pillow on the window seat. It matches the colors of the crib skirt exactly.
The two gray pillows that will go with the cars pillow on the window seat came from IKEA. The inserts and covers for BOTH totaled $14!

For bedding, I found fitted crib sheets at Target for $9.99 (or $8.00 right now online) and decided it made more sense to go with those than have my friend use her time to make them for me. Here's what I went with:
For books, I'm not sure yet which route I want to go, but these are a few of my favorite ideas, found on Pinterest of course:

That's all for now! I can't wait to get the covered fabrics back!!

Questions on anything I left out? Prices? Places? I'm an open book- ask away. :)



  1. Baby girl! Love the nursery! AJ and I built similar bookshelves for my nursery and it was super easy and cheap. Here's the link to the plan we used

  2. The nursery looks great. I love the color scheme. And Hobby Lobby is an addiction. I love it.

  3. It's going to be one fabulous nursery!!!!

  4. How exciting for you! You have wonderful family and friends AND great taste :)