Thursday, April 17, 2014

#nelsendays2014 Week 15

Day 99: Lunch before leaving the Dominican

Day 100: Tally spent most of Thursday recovering from his non-stop playing at doggy daycare while we were away. ;)

Day 101: Lunch with two of my favorite people at one of our favorite spots- Souper Jenny

Day 103: Masters Sunday...

...I brought cupcakes, and T girl was told by her mama that she could only have one. This is how it went down:
Now after that kind of reaction, you know you want the recipe. ;) You can find it here!

Day 104: These are a few of my favorite things: mani-pedi, homemade sauce, and a pup who stores his bone on the side of his mouth when his best friend is over so that she can't steal it. Hopefully our baby will share better than our dog. ;)

Day 105: Tough life. 
Can you tell we missed this pup when we were gone?!



  1. I still can't get over the cupcake picture. So funny!! You look so great, girl! Xx.

  2. The cupcake moment....HA! Hilarious! Love seeing your bump photos; You look amazing!