Monday, April 7, 2014

Vacation Flashback: Our Honeymoon!

Right now, we're soaking up the days in the Dominican, enjoying one of our last trips before Baby Nelsen arrives this summer. I can't wait to share pictures and memories from this trip! If you want to keep up with our daily #nelsendays2014 pics on Instagram while we're away, you can find us at @hmnelsen. And all of the rest will be shared when we get back!

All of this babymoon planning got me reminiscing of our last "moon"... our first trip together as a married couple. Looking through these pictures again makes me realize we were babies! So young... ahhh, the days. ;)

We got married on Novemeber 17, 2007 (other wedding day and engagement details here) and spent our honeymoon at an all-inclusive resort in Cancun called The Royal Cancun. We absolutely loved our week there! Going all-inclusive was so nice and, in my opinion, a great plan for a honeymoon because you get to completely relax and enjoy yourself without a single thought toward cost. For us, it was a great way to spend our first week as a married couple. It's hard to believe we'll celebrate 7 YEARS and welcome our first baby this year!

I have more flashback vacation posts to share, including our trips to London, Vegas, Mexico, and other weekend getaways we've taken over the years. 

Oh how I love a good getaway. :)

Have a great week, friends! 



  1. That resort looks amazing! And you two do look like babies in those pictures. I hope you are soaking up every minute together before baby comes, life is about to change a lot for you guys!

  2. Looks like so much fun! We also honeymooned in Cancun. One of my favorite places

  3. Y'all are so tan. Makes me jealous! Hope your current trip is fantastic.

  4. We honeymooned at The Royal in Playa Del Carmen! We loved it! We just went back last month for our 2 year anniversary. So much fun, I want to be there now!