Friday, April 18, 2014

Master Bedroom Makeover Part 1: Floors and Furniture!

This makeover has been a long time coming. And boy is it fun to see now!

Y'all saw the whole "which bedroom suit should we choose?" decision and weighed in on the choices- and then we went out in left-field and picked something completely different. ;)

We chose the Paula Deen Steel Magnolia Collection and LOVE it!

Replacing the carpet with hardwoods was a last-minute decision after Tally exploded a blue ink pen on it. If only I got a picture of his innocent face sitting on the carpet with two halves of the pen hanging out of both sides of his mouth with the tie dye look down his fur and paws (this picture doesn't do it justice!).

The bedroom was the only room in the house without hardwoods, and realizing that kids and dogs will make future messes, we decided hardwoods was probably the smarter way to go.

Poor Tal was a little distraught over the carpet going away... he hung on til the last piece was pulled up. You can actually see the remnants of the blue pen marks in these pictures too.
Two of our neighbors were SO sweet to come over after work yesterday to help move in the furniture. The furniture was so heavy- we couldn't have done it without them!

Mom and Charles actually set up the bed for us before we even got home from work! They were so excited to see it in place and wanted to surprise us by having that part done when we got home. They are the sweetest!
Part 2 will involve picking out a rug, mirror, wall decor, and a few simple accent pieces for the dresser. I'd also love to find a chair to go on the left of the tall dresser with the TV. I'm feeling a trip to HomeGoods in the near future. ;)



  1. Love this!!! It looks awesome!! Did Matt install the hardwoods himself?? If so he needs to give my husband some lessons ;) can't wait to see the final prouduct with all the extra accessories and art!

  2. It's looking really good. As a mum of two little boys, definitely getting wood on the floor is the way to go! Love your cheeky dog! : )

  3. Oh, I love that furniture even more than your original choices! It is similar to what we have a little bit. I love the new wood floors too!

    Tal was just trying to give his input on what you should do with the floors and give you a little push!

  4. Your room looks brilliant, the floor is gorgeous! A x