Monday, March 24, 2014

Updates: Furniture, floors, nursery, and babymoon!

This month's Ten on the 10th post gave my ten before baby list:
  1. Replace carpet in master bedroom with new carpet or hardwoods (gotta love surprises caused by a puppy and a blue ink pen). 
  2. Purchase bedroom furniture for master bedroom. 
  3. Move painted dressers from our room to the nursery. 
  4. Set up crib and window seat. 
  5. Upholster rocking chair, window seat, bumper and crib skirt.
  6. Cover pillows for window seat and rocker, and find two gray pillows for window seat. 
  7. Wash, fold, and hang baby clothes. 
  8. Fill out baby book with pre-baby entries. 
  9. Have a picture taken with my pregnant self, Matt, and Tally. 
  10. Go on our babymoon!
Here's an update on the list:

Carpet is being pulled up and replaced with hardwoods the first week in April. 
  • We went back and forth between replacing the carpet and installing hardwoods. We both personally love carpet in a bedroom for the comfiness and because our bedroom is where we both do our workouts, but we knew with a baby on the way and a pup who loves to bring all of his toys to our room to chew, the carpet would just get all gross again. Plus, the rest of the house is hardwoods (even the master bath since it was converted from a bedroom), so it seemed to be the best bet to just go with hardwoods. We're excited to see the knew look!
  • If you know how long it has taken us to decide on a suit, you understand the all-caps. If you remember this post, or saw this pic on instagram: know that we were down to two and thought for sure that one of them would be the winner (I, by the way, liked the top one the best since you guys were wondering ;) )- until we saw them in person. :/ My mom and I went to look at them together when Matt was skiing, and we could not believe how different they looked in person. Not the same furniture at ALL! Major bummer.

However, while we were there, we happened to see our third-place option in person and loved it even MORE than the pictures. Hooray!

So here's what we're going with now:

We LOVE it! It's the Paula Deen home line. I can't wait for it to arrive and set it up on the new floors! It will look like a completely different space.

One of the painted dressers have been moved to the nursery, and the crib and window seat are all set up! My parents helped with this when Matt was skiing. I couldn't believe how much we got done in one day! They were such amazing helpers! 

Upholstery for the window seat, rocker, crib skirt and bumper are all underway. I can't wait to take pictures of the finished products of everything in the nursery and share them with y'all! I promise to spill on where everything is from since you know I love to share when I find a good deal. ;)

I have the fabric for the two pillows that need to be covered and found the two solid gray ones at IKEA for $14 total! For both! That's inserts and covers for two, in case I was not clear. :)

The Babymoon is booked and we leave in less than two weeks!!! We're going to a place called Sanctuary Cap Cana in the Dominican. We can. not. WAIT!

Hope y'all have a great week!


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