Friday, March 28, 2014

#nelsendays2014 Week 12 + bathing suit shopping & colds: pregnancy edition

I'm home sick today with a cold. Wah, wah. 

Colds are typically not fun, but they're even more interesting when you're pregnant. 

I choose the word interesting because my "medicine" is this contraption:
It's just awkward. But it does work! It doesn't quite have the knock-you-out effects of NyQuil, or the get-rid-of-a-cold-quickly impact of an antibiotic, but I can breath for the most part, so that's a plus.

The MAJOR downside is that I was supposed to drive to Charleston after school today to go see this love:

And meet this new little love:

And see their sweet mama and daddy:
Hey, Mea- mind if I hijack your IG? Thx :)

And stop for super-healthy, go-where-the-babies-in-our-bellies-lead-us snack breaks along the way with Andrea:

But, alas, I am at home. In my pajamas. Still. Watching the rain outside the window as I post pictures of what could have been. Am I dwelling? Yes, yes I am. 

Here are some pics of things that actually happened this week: 

Day 78: Mid-week maternity shopping and dinner with my mama :)

No, that's no me. 

But it might be hilarious if I pose like this for a pic in my new suit. 

While my mom and I were shopping, I splurged and bought this Pea in the Pod bathing suit. 

I figured with a due date of July 22nd, I'll be spending a lot of time in my bathing suit this summer and wanted to feel semi-cute in it. 

I started in Target's maternity section and felt like a heifer in the dressing room, to put it lightly. So this Pea in the Pod one felt like it was worth every penny. 

This coming from the girl who gets most of her clothes at TJ Maxx and the Banana Outlet when the whole store is 40% off. Pregnancy changes things.

And right now this suit is 25% off! So if you're preggo, I won't judge you if you splurge. ;) 

Oh, and if you shop in the store, see if they'll match the online sale- I asked and it worked! Plus I received a coupon for $50 off a $50 purchase (which will buy you a sleeve of some of their super-cute outfits) but who doesn't love free money?!

Day 79: Dinner date with my sweet friend Lindsey who is due in April. How cute is she?! Let's just pretend like our bellies are NOT the same size in this pic, k? :)

Day 80: It was #nationalpuppyday according to instagram. It just didn't seem right to not have this cute face show up under the hashtag. ;) Tally will turn one next month! Didn't we just bring him home?! You can see more cute puppy pics of him here. You know you want to.

Day 81: I posted this pic two weeks to the date that we'll be leaving for our Babymoon! Stock photos of vacation spots always crack me up. We'll be sure to reenact this photo for your viewing pleasure while we're gone. 

I'm sure we too will be the only ones at the resort and won't look weird at all posing in our matching white suits. #wedonthavematchingsuits #butwemighthavetomakethispichappen

Day 82: Baby shower for one of our small group friends, Stacey!

Day 83: Bedroom furniture is on the way!! Thankfully, this was such a quick and effortless decision. #NOT

Day 84: Same shirt at 14 weeks and 23 weeks. Can you spot the differences in these photos?! ...on second thought, don't. Notice the belly and move on.

Since I'm not feeling super adventurous to make up my own meal tonight, I'm thinking I'll give this recipe a try. It looks easy and yummy- two things I love when I cook. Check it out here!

Happy Friday, friends!!



  1. I laughed out loud multiple times reading this post! You are too funny. Loving that belly bump and hope you start feeling better soon!

  2. Umm tonight is for take out! What are you thinking?! No cooking little miss. Wish we were on the road...can't wait for our make up trip to see those sweeties!

  3. I'm sorry you missed out on Charleston! I love the pregnancy things in your posts. It's so exciting!

  4. oooh I missed cold remedies when I was pregnant as well! Sorry you missed your trip, hope you are feeling better soon! A x

  5. colds/sickness do tend to turn up at the most inconvenient time! hope you are well over it before your trip!