Thursday, May 29, 2014

First day of the next stage...

It's here! The first day of what I would normally call summer break. It's 8:45 and I've got a pot of sauce cooking on the stove, a load of laundry in the wash, and a fresh cup of coffee by my side.

This is what I love.

It's strange though to think that this is not just my summer break, but the start of something new. A new stage of life- a stage where I'm called "mom" and not "Mrs. Nelsen" begins (sort of) today.

I'm thankful for the timing of it all. And if you know our story, I don't think I would have ever anticipated having those words come out of my mouth. But I'm thankful that I have these next 8 weeks, more or less my "regular" summer break to prepare and rest (we'll see how well I do at that one) for the arrival of our little guy.

I can't wait- yes I am starting this sentence this way- to go through every room and clean out closets, make Goodwill and trash piles, put together the little man's stroller and car seat and all of the other "necessities" that are still in their boxes, reorganize kitchen cabinets to make room for the babe's goods (i.e. downsize the wine glasses to make room for bottles), pack my hospital bag, set up the diaper bag, and, last but not least, go on some fun dates with Matt to soak in this stage of no-kids that we're still in right now.

Ahhh... it's going to be a good stretch from here to the end of July. And then the real fun will begin. ;)



  1. I love this blog post :) I love the info-graphic about HIS timing. I needed that today. Thinking of you during these last weeks! <3

  2. Here's to the next chapter! So excited for y'all!! :)

  3. Lucky girl! I wish I had that time to prepare... meanwhile, I took "a few days off" before maternity leave, and the little rascal decided to arrive early, I went in to labor that night! Haha... enjoy your time! Can't wait to meet Baby Nelsen!

  4. I love this!! It gave me chills thinking about all the preparation and warms my heart to think I'm just a few weeks behind you!! I've already done the "closet-cleaning-Goodwill-piling" and it is glorious!! :)

  5. That mommy stage is the best stage of your life. You will realize that every minute with your baby is a blessing. I hope you get to enjoy some time to relax (and nest) before baby comes! I look around my house and want to clean and change decor, etc, but I've been restricted to what I can do so I just have to let it go and realize it's not that important. Still stressing over nursery stuff. :)

    Enjoy your summer vacation mama!!