Monday, August 5, 2013

#Summerdays2013 Week 10

Well it's here. Today is the day I return to the world of work. Ugh. Thankfully I do really love what I do- really... I just happen to love being at home even more. 

It's been such a great summer, I hate to see it end! Getting Tally has been one of the best parts by far. In 7 shorts weeks he has become a part of our little family, and now we can't imagine our days without him! I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty upset about having to leave the little guy since we've spent just about every minute day together since we brought him home. You could say I'm a little attached. At least I'm aware of it.

Thankfully, I found a great little doggy daycare right by our house that he can go to while we're gone.Yes, I know it sounds crazy... but me knowing it's crazy makes it a little less crazy, right? Or something like that.

Matt picked him up after his first trial day and texted me these pictures- he was completely wiped out!

Matt said he stumbled in the house... made it back to where his crate is, and passed out in front of it- little buddy. ;)

Looks like he made a lot of friends on his first day... no wonder he was exhausted!

So here they are- pictures from my last week of summer... tear.

Day 63: Walking to dinner from my parents' house! I stayed with them last Thursday- it's always fun having a summer sleepover at their house. :)

Day 64: Back at home Friday night... and walking to dinner again. ;)

Day 65: Tally's first time at Chastain Park. Matt and I were so clueless when we first got him... we talked about taking him to walk at Chastain (a three-mile loop) when we were driving to pick him up on the first day! Little buddy, still, at 14 weeks, could hardly make the 1/4 mile path to the pond. We stopped several times, rested on a few benches, watched a few golfers tee off, and eventually made it to the water. Matt had to go get the car and pick us up after Tally played because he looked at us like we were crazy when we started to walk back to the car. ...One day he'll make the whole 3 mile loop, but it's not gonna be any time soon. ;)

Day 66: Lyrics from a song by Hillsong United. Love these words.

Day 67: Just a day at the park with these two ;)

A few more pics from the afternoon:

Day 68: One last pool day!

Day 69: Afternoon playing games with two of my favorite boys (and of course my favorite dolphin)
Jenga Boom, popcorn & a movie, and Menchie's

Day 70: Picking up Matt for a lunch date!

Day 71: My yard helper :)

Day 72: We started and ended our weekend with these two sweet people- both sets of Matt's grandparents have been like my own grandparents for the past 11 years. Spending time with these two on our first and last weekends of summer was the perfect way to end this summer blogging journey.

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And if you missed my posts from Recipe Week, you can check out all of the recipes I shared here.

Happy Monday to you! 
Well... "happy" might be taking it a little far- but I hope you have a good one. :)


  1. I sure have enjoyed your summer! :)
    And so the school year begins. Good luck to you this week as you start back. I said it once and I'll say it again, that little puppy is a spoiled baby(and getting so big!). He is going to miss his Mommy something awful! Get ready for lots of kisses!
    And why yes, it is going to be a HAPPY Monday!

  2. Those first few pics of Tally are just so precious! Such a cutie! Glad you had a great summer, sorry to see it go.

  3. Last week of summer :( that stinks! The summer is flying by! But it looks like you had a great time. I love the photos of Tally. He is just adorable.

  4. heather, i hope that the week has been as good as it can be for ya! summer really just flew by. i love that you lived it up and every single day was filled with something new and fun for you and your friends and family! i think it's wonderful that tally is in daycare - ohmygoodness, so sweet. he is one lucky pup to have such amazing parents!! :)
    i think of you all the time and am always sending love your way!
    i hope august treats you well...i know you, matt and tally will still be enjoying lots of adventures! tons of love xoxox