Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Calling all hunters and gift buyers

I realize the average rifle-owning, duck-hunting, alligator-skin-wearing person is not a frequent visitor of this tiny space on the internet. In fact, I'd fall out of my chair laughing if someone commented on this post and proved me wrong (Orlando Nelsens, you don't count).

But while you may not BE that person, you probably know someone who fits the mold, right?! Sure you do! In fact, he may be the person that sleeps next to you every night, or the person you call dad (or mom or sister... girls hunt too ;)).

So why am I going into all of this randomness?! Well, last year, when we were visting family in Orlando, we got to see the beginning stages of a business that two of Matt's cousins started. And even though I'm not a big hunter (and my "not big" I mean, I've never hunted), Matt and I were seriously impressed with their products!

Mark and Graham, the creators of Nelsen & Nelsen, have hunted for years. 

For over a decade, they have participated in Florida's statewide Alligator Hunt Program and have mastered the art of skinning and hide protection.

All of their products are made from authentic alligator hides, not alligator printed leather.

They started out by making belts, wallets. and boots...

So Steve Irwin, don't you think? 
(I definitely just Googled searched, "Who was the crocodile hunter?")

...Okay, maybe not. But preppy business men can use a fancy belt and wallet. 

...and then began making pistol and rifle cases that are seriously, seriously impressive looking. Even for non-hunters like myself.

They use almost the entire alligator skin for one rifle case, while other, similar products are often made from multiple alligator skins that are pieced together. Using one skin creates a really smooth and high-end-looking product.

These products are great gift ideas for the groomsmen in your wedding, the boss that needs a little extra sugar-coating, or the husband or dad who is impossible to shop for because he has it all. 

Plus the owners are pretty awesome and will be great to work with on any customized order. Wait, was that biased? Just trust me on this one.

For more information about this company, visit their website or contact Mark Nelsen. I know you'll be happy you did!


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