Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Girls' Weekend!

This weekend marked the 10 year anniversary of when we moved into the Clemson dorms our freshman year. 10 YEARS?! Somehow, our 10 year high school reunion was easier to grasp than this... even though they were obviously a couple months apart.

Of the five of us girls, three live in Atlanta and two live in Charleston. So we decided to meet in the middle in Columbia and stay with Meagan's parents for the weekend. It was so great to spend the weekend together... it just went by way too fast!

We decided the setup of the houses in their neighborhood would be the perfect way for us all to live together again- we each get a house and share the little courtyards. :)

Grouchos- duh

Columbia's Clemson store- 10 years?! Really?!

We laughed SO hard at this picture. And Meagan probably laughed the hardest. Elementary school pictures anyone?!

So we'd tried again. ;)

Meagan's sweet mama...

...and dad!

Registering with Steph! They're hoping to bring a baby home before Christmas. You can read more about their adoption story here.


  1. This is the best idea to do with college girlfriends! Unfortunately, we've moved all over the country so I don't know if we could find a happy go-between place but these pictures really made me want to get us girls all together again, it's been way too long!

  2. All of my college friends still live pretty close, and I'm 8 hours away in Augusta. And it's hard to believe how long ago I started college. It doesn't feel like 7 years!

  3. So glad y'all had a great weekend! I agree, can't believe it has been 10 years!! Have to admit, I was pretty jealous when I saw it on y'alls Instagram....next time Katherine and I are crashing!! Haha!!

  4. So glad you had fun Heather!! I love reunions! In Columbia eh? I live in Columbia(northeast)...small world!! Boy, that has me reminiscing...I started college 27 years ago, whew! And yes Heather, OF COURSE the Columbia store would only have a FEW Clemson items.this.is.Gamecock.country ya know lol!! My little cousin started her freshman year at Clemson last week...still don't know what she was thinking, lol! We're geeked around here, as you know USC plays Thursday night, whoop whoop! I hope Columbia showed you a good time Heather! As always, thanks so much for linking up...have a great week!

  5. this post and the photos made me smile so big! what a FUN time with close friends. you can tell how much fun you're having through the smiles on your faces...i love it! girls' weekends and nights are the best sometimes (don't tell steve i said that ;))
    that's so exciting that stephanie registered! made me smile!
    i'm so happy you had a wonderful weekend!! xoxox
    LOVE your clothes!