Thursday, August 29, 2013


In a strange way, I kinda miss my #summerdays daily pics and weekly posts. 

It was fun to find something to capture everyday. 

I've toyed with the idea of doing an extended version of the #summerdays pics... like a picture for everyday of our 29th year- a journey to 30 if you will (wait... 30?! ...that can't be right

...but then I think I'd hate for it to come across like I think my life is so interesting it should be documented on a daily basis. ha!

Let's be honest. Some days are just normal. 

But I happen to like normal. 

And I like finding something in the "normal" to capture everyday. 

So maybe I'll do it? Maybe not.

Either way, here are a few instapics from the last couple weeks!

Storytime with two of my favorite "nieces" :)

Love my little shadow

Ready for my 5th graders to arrive on the first day!

Tally received a package in the mail from my mom- a monogrammed travel bag from Lands End. He's not spoiled at. all. Thanks, mom! He loves it. ;)

Braves game with my boo

Tally met a new friend in the neighborhood who's just a few months older than him!

Girl's weekend wouldn't be complete without ice-cream and goofy photos.

Sweet kids working away in the garden behind my classroom

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  1. i love the "my shadow" photo!! you look great in glasses!! <3<3<3