Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ten on the 10th: Ten things that made me smile this week

Since I've been unsuccessfully trying to suppress my back-to-school woes, I decided I needed some forced positivity and came up with a list of:

Ten things that made me smile this week

Karen and I showed up to dinner with the exact same outfit on, matching hair and all.

When I was watching my sister's boys last week, I told them to pick out a show for us to watch while I made some popcorn. From the kitchen, I could hear them deciding:
Noah (the 8 year old): "What about Scooby?"
Maddox (the 4 year old) in his softest whisper voice: "That might be a little scary for her."

I sent an email to the Inn at Palmetto Bluff sharing the post I wrote about our stay and thanking them for such a great visit. (side note- Matt told me he actually sent a hand-written thank you note to them... Seriously y'all, we don't ever do that- this place was just that good!) I really didn't expect a response, just wanted them to know how much we really loved our visit- and wouldn't you know I got the nicest email back?! GO to this place people, just go.

Matt came through the door with these in his hand on Monday. 
All I could think to say (between my cheesy grin and jumping) was, "What are those for?!!"
He said he knew the day might have been a tough one, officially ending summer and leaving Tally.
Major bonus points, babe- surprises and sweetness get me every time.
He also said the guy at the checkout asked if he was in trouble or staying out of trouble- classic.

I was looking through old pictures on my phone and found these cute cards from my Kindergartners and 1st graders from last year. There's a lot about teaching 5th grade that I'm looking forward to, but I will really miss teaching the little ones!

Last weekend, we went to eat at Felini's Pizza, not knowing that they make you leave your dogs outside the patio (every other patio place in Atlanta follows a different set of rules apparently). Anyway, every few minutes, Tally would check in on us- he never barked or whined- just wanted to make sure we were still there. ;) He had the attention of the whole patio pretty quickly and had people walking out of the restaurant to come pet him. Such a cutie :)

Being back with sweet teachers- my 5th grade team!

Jackson and Tally- just sharing some milk on an afternoon stroll at the park

Remember Anna? She posted a video of her vist with M on her new adoption fundraising page. It made me cry happy tears to know that after two years of raising money and fighting through personal battles, she'll get to bring him home soon!

Thursday night, we had the volunteer kick-off dinner at our church. Every year we're blown away by all that goes into making us and the hundreds of other volunteers feel appreciated. 
Lindsay is our leader for UpStreet and is just one of those people who constantly make us feel appreciated with her bubbly personality and infectious smile. 
The funny thing is Matt and I feel like we should be thanking THEM! 
We've taught the same group of kiddos since they were two, and this Sunday they'll be moving up to second grade! We've learned so much through our kids and through the programs that are in place for them each week... there is nothing quite like childlike faith- we are the lucky ones! 
But if they want to keep serving us Maggiano's and giving us cool shirts to wear, we'll take it. ;) 

Ahhh.... well look at that, I'm feelin better already. Funny how a little forced positivity can take a funk right away. In fact, I may even be getting a little excited about starting up another year?! What do ya know.


  1. 5th grade is a fun grade to teach. :)

    I love the dinner photo, hahahaha, that's great!!

    Visiting today from Fun Friday.

  2. 2. Precious! BTW-were you scared ;)
    4. He is a keeper!
    6. LOVE this picture.....he looks so concerned.

  3. i LOVED this post! so so cute your sil and you showed up in the same exact outfit! matt is a keeper - those flowers are beautiful and so thoughtful! i love your red striped dress! i hope you're enjoying the weekend with tally and matt and having some relaxing times, my friend! xoxox

  4. sweet! Yes, you had A LOT to be thankful for this week! My husband and I, like Lindsay, appreciate everyone in our Helps Ministry who give so tirelessly of their time to serve in the Kingdom! A BIG thanks to you and your husband Heather! Wishing you and your students a successful school year! Thanks for linking up...have a wonderful rest of week!! :-)