Monday, February 26, 2018

Our Weekend

This past weekend, friends of ours came to visit with their 3 kids. They got in Friday night and left Sunday afternoon, and just like their last visit when we pretended to be tourists in our own city, we fit in as much fun as we could into our weekend.

Saturday morning, we all went down to the pool to swim...

...but we also started a fire because, well, it's February.

The kiddos kept a close eye on a frog that we found.

After swimming, we went to the park by our house to play.

And Emily rode in a swing for the first time! She didn't hate it. ;)

After the park, we went to Sugar Shack for some ice cream.

And then came back to the house for more swimming!

These two were so cute together all weekend. Really all of the kids played so well together. It was like one big blended family. It's always great when your friends' kids can get along so well with your own kids.
Pizza by the pool! This made us excited for summer!

And cue dance party!

Post bath and pre s'mores :)

We got the kids in bed so fast after this- one because they were good and tired from pushing through naps and having so much fun, and two- so the sugar couldn't set in and give them a second wind ;) oh and three- so we could double date on the porch. Adulting in this stage of life is a beautiful thing.

Matt passed out with Ryan before coming back downstairs. :)

Sunday morning was rainy and cold, so we ventured to our favorite kid-mall and played, ate, walked through the Disney store, and rode the carousel.

I mean. These two.

Disney Store- The girls looked at all the princess things while the boys watched a movie.

Big girl wanting to hold on all by herself. Two is the year of independence. :)

Such a fun weekend with friends!

And if all of that wasn't full enough, we took our family over to Matt's parents house after naps to celebrate his sister's and brother-in-law's birthdays. It's always a fun time when we get our families together!

When we got home we crashed. And this morning might have come fast. ;) But couldn't be more thankful for weekend spent with friends and family.

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