Friday, February 2, 2018

Emily Merritt- 7 Months

What a big month for this sweet girl! Somehow we've made it to 7 months already, and, somehow, she's getting more and more fun with each passing day.

She is CRAZY about Ryan. The minute she sees him, she starts kicking her feet and flapping her arms. And all he has to do is look at her to get a big wide smile and cackle from her. They are the cutest together.

Natalie is quite the little mama and gets so excited to see Emily every morning when she wakes up. She loves to help with diaper changes and meal time and is quick to the rescue with a paci when Emily starts to "kie."

Emily has surprised us right and left this month with every new thing she's done! She had SO many "firsts" this month:
rocking in a crawl position, sitting by herself, standing while holding on to something, sitting in a high chair, eating TONS of new foods, babbling like a pro, and getting her first two teeth! Not to mention celebrating her first Christmas and all of the "firsts" that come along with the season.

First Pink Pig Ride!

AAC Christmas Party!

Christmas Eve service

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Christmas morning!

Fun with cousins at Mimi and Papa's

Emily LOVES to eat! She reminds us so much of Ryan. She will sit in her bumbo and feed herself for 30-45 minutes. Currently she gets most excited about orange slices and actually chuckles a little when you hold one up for her to grab. But I honestly can't think of a food she's tried and hasn't liked!

These two might be my favorite. She was CHOWING on roasted brussel sprouts, roasted kale, and strawberries!

Just about every meal time ends in a sink bath- haha. She loves to get into her food!
Chick-Fil-A dinner night before the Clemson game!

sister-sister sink bath :)

She loves her cousin, Noah!

First time playing at the mall playground

First time at open gym and first time standing!

That crinkly nose she does when she's excited gets me every time.

Ryan: "Hey, Emiwee Emiwee! We're up here!"

Sweet big brother pausing to pose after encouraging Emily to crawl. :)

We are so crazy about this girl! We can't wait to see what next month brings for her!


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