Sunday, February 25, 2018

Emily Merritt- 8 Months

Emily girl, you are a dream!

We are so crazy about your big, wide smile and hearty, raspy laugh.

You are about as go-with-the-flow as any parent or sibling could hope for. And you're just so much fun to have around.

Since Ryan and Natalie are usually awake before you, bringing you down the stairs in the morning or letting them come in your room with me to get you is one of the best parts of the day. Seeing how crazy you three about each other makes my mama heart feel so full.

Morning snuggles with Ryan

Crib snuggles with Natalie

Since turning 8 months just a few days ago, you have started crawling all over the place! This past Tuesday (when you were 8 months, 3 days), the crawling thing just clicked for you, and now you love making your way to wherever you want to go. You are so proud of yourself too and love to pause your crawling and cackle when you make eye contact with one of us.

You still love your bouncy seat and have seemed to really master sitting without wobbling or toppling over. I have a feeling that you'll be pulling up regularly before long too based on how you like to crawl over our legs. You pulled up one time already on your red car and were so proud!

You still LOVE bath time and have pretty much outgrown the sink bath we give you most nights, but your big sister gets a little too excited about having you in the big tub with her and Ryan for us to bathe all three of you on a nightly basis together. But when we do put you all in together, you love it! We can't wait to see you in the pool this summer with as much as you love being in the bath.

Bath time! And shaving cream fun for the big kids. :)

You still love all the food you can get your hands on and have even tried skimping on your bottles to eat more "real" food, so I've had to get a little creative to make sure you're getting what you need first!

Breakfast. On the counter. For all 3 of you. Your brother and sister love to be right next to you!

Before too long you'll have your own little chair at the table!

Trying your first shrimp and loving it.

You love getting to take a bath in the kitchen sink after some extra messy meals.

You had three big "firsts" this month:
First shopping cart ride!

First time participating in Natalie's music class!

First carousel ride!

You also got to go to Disney on Ice with us the day before you turned 8 months and were the sweetest, cuddliest, and quietest little baby in my wrap the entire time. You loved watching the show, took your bottle, took a nap, and woke back up to watch some more all while snuggling with me in the wrap. You really are the sweetest, most content baby.

And then a few other pictures I snuck of you this month doing things you've come to love:


Mall venturing

Snuggles with Tal Tal

Snuggles with Evie and Nora
You love banging two objects together and hearing the sound. And we love your proud smile!

Mirror selfies with Mama :)

Playing with Ryan and Natalie

Smiling at mama in the stroller

Showing off your two bottom teeth!

Watching your brother and sister play in the driveway

Valentine's brunch with cousins!

Snuggles with Aunt KK and Mimi

Driving your red car with your crazy hair! :)

I worry about letting you crawl on the driveway while Ryan and Natalie are playing, but you're just as happy to watch from the stroller or carseat.

Sharing daddy's ice-cream :)

Eating your toes :)

Sharing your snuggles with Aunt KK, Noah, and Aunt Dre at Natalie's birthday party

We are so, so crazy about you, sweet girl, and cannot wait to see what you do this month.

Happy 8 months, Emily!


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