Thursday, April 5, 2018

Emily Merritt- 9 Months

I am still on a blogging break, but want to keep our "memory book" going! So here's a look at Emily's last month.

Emily is 3 months away from ONE already and somehow gets more and more fun by the day.

She loves playing with Ryan and Natalie and already tries so hard to keep up with them! She started crawling over things and pulling up this month, and I would not be surprised if she decided to walk early just so she can keep up with her siblings!

She laughs and smiles at them constantly and loves to be with them.

And speaking of loving being with someone, she is CRAZY about her daddy! As a matter of fact, she has started crying (crying!) when he passes her back to me! The other night, I was giving her a bottle before bed when Matt came in to kiss her goodnight. The second he turned around to walk back out of the room, she started bawling. And the second he walked back over to her, she stopped. So we switched bedtime routines, and I went with the big kids while Matt finished putting Emily down. It's so cute, I'm almost not offended. ;)

Her favorite things currently are swinging at the park, bouncing in her jumpy seat, being outside, babbling, playing toys next to Ryan and Natalie, and being on the bed or in the crib with them.

When we're all playing on the floor together, she will crawl over Ryan and Natalie's legs to get places (even if she has a clear path in a different direction), and they think it is so funny!

Natalie calls her, "Nigh-Nigh" and Ryan calls her, "Em-i-we" and both say her name with the cutest giggle whenever she crawls on them.

Now all three of them are taking baths together in our big bathtub every night, and Emily gets so excited every night to get in the tub with them. They are so cute too to make sure she has toys or space or that the water doesn't get too high (Ryan is super concerned about the water height, sweet love).

Poor girl had her first cold/virus this month. It lasted for about 3 days while my mom happened to be visiting with us when Matt was out of town. The two of them got the sweetest snuggle time as Emily slept a lot and just wanted to be held when she was sleeping during the day. I was so glad my mom was here and loved that they got that sweet bonding time while I hung with Ryan and Natalie!

Sick snuggles, but still the sweetest

Poor girl broke out into a rash after her fever broke, but was back to her happy self once the fever passed!

We are counting down the days to consistent warmer weather so that we can be outside every day and let Emily learn how to do even more fun things at the park! Before long, she'll be running around with Ryan and Natalie. We just can't even believe how fast time is going. We're soaking it in as best we can!

Here's a photo recap from our month:

When one has to potty at Chick-fil-a

Meeting Miss Cindy at our favorite Mexican restaurant!



Sweet 3rd baby feeding herself dinner in the cart while I oversee Ryan and Natalie's (mainly Natalie's) eating, hah!

Girls only bath! Natalie was washing Emily :)

Those two bottom teeth are my favorite


Happy 9 months, Emily! We love you!


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