Friday, April 13, 2018

A Day in the Life

We are growing up around here and it feels GOOD! 

Feed times, nap times, and bed times have a little flex to them these days, and new skills like Natalie pottying, Ryan and Natalie getting in their car seats and half-buckling solo, and Emily feeding herself the bottle have opened up a little "chill" in our day-to-day routines.

We are soaking up the days of our kiddos being little, but we are so welcoming these independent milestones!

Yesterday, I decided to document our day. I haven't done this once since Emily was born, and Sweet Love is about to be 10 months old! 

So here's a look at our Wednesday- it was an impromptu day of fun! And you see that word impromptu there? That's a word we haven't use a whole lot these last 10 months- so yay for growing up and the ability to have some impromptu fun! ;)

This sweet guy woke up first (his norm) but the girls slept in until 7:30, so we had a whole hour to hang just the two of us! We snuggled and watched a show and worked on a little workbook that Ryan likes to do from time to time. This sweet guy is going to be FOUR in a few months and is seeming so grown up lately!

We did our normal eat breakfast and get ready routine once the girls were up, and then we piled in the car to take Ryan to school like we usually do on Thursdays. My plan was to take the girls to the zoo after we dropped Ryan off, but as we were in carpool line, I started thinking that I really wanted him to get to go too. So we made an impromptu decision to get out of carpool line and ALL head to the zoo! Side note, I ran the plan by Ryan and sweet guy gave a hesitant, "ummm..." (like, is that okay?) and then let out the cutest low giggle.
WOO-HOO!!! We're coming for you zoo!

Getting ready to walk in!
We met Aunt Dre and Reynolds and Aunt Steph, Ryder and Baby Jude there. These kiddos are funny!

Ryan was not quite tall enough for the big kangaroo- ha!
Train ride!
Natalie figuring out what the boys were doing with their tongues
Emily's first train ride!
Looks like she figured out the tongue thing- ha!
Feeding the flamingos
And standing like them too
Bye flamingos!
Sweet buddies hugging each other bye

When we got home, everybody napped and then Mimi came over to hang! We went of a walk/scooter ride through the neighborhood and then we met Matt and Papa at Mellow Mushroom for dinner!

Visiting the lion (or "Wine-O" as Natalie calls it) outside of Mellow Mushroom
Trying to pick her up to see the teeth- ha!
The kids got balloons to play with after dinner.
Natalie wasn't too sure about hers

We were out til 8:00- oh my! ;) When we got home, it was bath and bed and Matt and I crashed soon after. Friday nights, we shoot for a date night in, so tonight we're going to eat dinner on the porch after the kids go down and then head down to the hot tub for a bit!



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