Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Being tourists in our own city

Whew, how did Wednesday get here already?!

I planned on sharing this post on Monday, but the first two days of this week, I turned off my alarm without even realizing it and woke up just a few minutes before Ryan (who still beats the sunrise) ;)

Then yesterday I took a 1.5 hour nap during the kids' nap time and it. was. glorious. I've obviously been needing to catch up on sleep!

This past weekend, our friends Peter and Becca visited us from Asheville, NC with their three kiddos.  They recently accepted a position with an outdoor ministry through Campus Crusade and are in the support-raising stage of their work right now. We loved having them visit and hearing their hearts about the ministry!

They live on a beautiful property in the country, about 30 minutes outside of Asheville, so we wanted to give them a taste of as much (kid-friendly) city life as we could while they visited.

But first let's stop and appreciate the amazingness of the two of them driving 3.5 hours+ with their kiddos (the tiniest baby is just 5 weeks old!) to come see us for a weekend.

And then too, the amazingness that was all of us plus Tal fitting in our little 3 bedroom house. All of the kids slept great! ...while Tally spent a better portion of the night wanting to get out and see the visitors no matter how many times I told him everyone was asleep... Oh Tal.

Here's a recap of what we did for the weekend!

I love this. The big kids were playing in the backyard and these two were catching up on life and holding their babies. Finding Nemo is on the TV and toys are everywhere- a slightly different look than their college roommate days! These are two great daddies right here.

Natalie looks like she just realized she forgot something, hah! And please notice that little 5-week-old Miles and almost 5-month-old Natalie are about the same size.

After naps, we hit up Piedmont Park and visited the turtles and ducks before heading to get popsicles and check out the playground.
King of Pops!
Ryan and Owen watching the big kids play

After popsicles, we headed to the pool, but didn't realize it closed at 5:00 that day, so after some quick explaining and tear drying (poor kiddos- we got them all siked up for the pool and then had to tell them it was closed!), we walked over the Splash Pad. The kids had a blast! 

Here they are waiting for the water to shoot up and get them...


Becca was such a good sport- she was walking through to get Owen when water shot straight in between her legs and soaked her! It was pretty hilarious... (and luckily she had dry clothes in the car!)
Ryan was basically London's shadow the whole weekend. He was crushing hard on her ;)

Pretty soon this little lady will be running around with all the big kids! But for now, I got to snuggle her and let her watch while they all played.
Walking the wall back to our cars. We headed to Fellini's on Peachtree for pizza but I forgot to take a picture. Probably because I ate standing up while the kids tossed coins in the fountain and walked the walls, haha- would have been cute to snap a picture of them though! 

The next morning we went to Chastain Park playground.

Next we went to visit Ponce City Market. Our whole plan was to go up on the newly finished rooftop where they have putt-putt, some games, and a great view of the city, and it wasn't until later that day that I realized we completely forgot to go up to the roof! #mombrain But everyone else forgot too- haha, such is this stage of life!

Ryan kept trying to sit next to London during their family pic, so we decided to get him one of just the two of them- this might be going in a frame in his room. ;)
And here we are looking like we only have one baby because Ryan was wanting to stay right next to London and not join our family pic. We got him to sit with us when we told him he could look at London from daddy's lap! Please notice his eyes are looking to the left. ;)
We grabbed lunch inside from H&F burger and let the kids pick out something from the candy store.
And then it was time to say goodbye. Ryan passed out less than a minute into our drive home. 

Being tourists in our own town made us realize we should take more advantage of the fun spots around our city! I guess it's easy to get into a routine of places we typically go, so taking them around some other spots was lots of fun for all of us.

Tomorrow I'll be sharing a pasta salad recipe that I made for the 4th of July. Bacon, avocado, and tomato are involved so you might not want to miss it. ;)

Then on Friday I'll be sharing my monthly confessions with you!

Hope your week is off to a great start, friends. 
See you tomorrow!


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